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Anonymous writes...

Before asking questions, Mr. Greg, I wanna say that I hope Young Justice won't turn into a Batfam or Superfam show on the future. I know I'm a minority on this, but I don't find the inclusion of Demian and the revival of Jason interesting nor appealing. I don't know what crossed your mind to make the decision, but I think is lazy. I apologize if I'm being rude or I'm saying stuff you don't wanna hear.
Now to the questions:
1- Are we going to see more of Artemis mourning, missing Wally?
2- Are we going to see M'gann missing Wally?
3- How did Garfield's life changed so much in 2 years?
4.a- Where is Icicle Jr. at? 4.b- Are we gonna Cameron/Icicle Jr. this season?
5- Are you ever gonna stop killing Halo?
6- Is there a reason for you to kill Halo several times, that doesn't involve the liberty to apply more violence that you have now?
7- Are we gonna ever see Batwoman in action on the show and see her interact with others?
8- Does Lucas Carr live next to Conner and M'gann,or does he live with them?
9- Is Jason Spisak going to voice another character in Outsiders that isn't Forager?
10- Is Dick acting so poorly due to Wally being ceaced?
11- Are you trolling the fandom with Lynn Stewart making assumptions on Will and Artemis living together?
12- Why can't Artemis and Will be brother and sister in law living under the same roof?
13- Why would Lynn assume there was something going on between Will and Artemis? Is not funny and no one welcomes that scene.
I think that would be all. I wanna say that I love M'gann's white and bald look! She has grown so much. Forager is a treasure, I love him.