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I'm going out and say this whether or not this actually happens or not when Young Justice: Outsiders returns from hiatus; we know that Tara is evil, but how and why? My theory is this: When Tara was kidnapped, Slade Wilson probably told her about her true origins; that her supposed mother is not her real mother and Tara was born from an affair between her father and her real mother. Assuming that something happened to her real mother (a cover-up), Tara become bitter and approved of the murder of her father and step-mother. Whether this hatred also extends to her half-brothers is unclear. Now I think that Tara will be suspected of being associated with the Light, but there will probably be no hard evidence and Brion will always be in Tara's defense. This would hurt Brion's relationship with Violent as well. By the time Tara's true colors are revealed, Brion will probably be in denial; even after Tara admits to everything. Finally, I think that Tara will die in the second half of the season; her death would probably turn Brion evil (swearing vengeance at those responsible) and her actions are what probably part of what sets off the future that Bart Allen comes from.