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Now that Wally is gone (he better come back to be with Artemis and Brucely again) I can't help to think all these couples are getting what it should have been Spitfire's.
Superboy and Miss M get engaged, which is something Wally and Artemis would have stepped into at some point for sure.
Nightwing and Barbara (along with SB and Miss M) got a suggestive scene at home.
Black Lightning and Dr. Jace got an after sex scene.
What did Wally and Artemis got? He is missing somewhere (he isn't gone and certainly he is not dead) and Artemis looks lovingly and longingly at a picture of them and Brucely every morning :( I'm sad...
Is there any way for the league, the team or anyone to bring Wally back?
Are we gonna see Mary and Rudy West at all before Season 3 ends?
Is Artemis still in contact with Wally's parents? I like to think she is like a daughter or political daughter to them.
I miss Wally and I miss Artemis and Wally together so badly!!