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Brett writes...

Thank you for bringing Batwoman into season 3! She's one of my favorite characters at DC!!! I have a few questions about her in the Earth-16 continuity.

1. How old is Batwoman?
2. How long has she been operating as a hero?
3. What is her Justice League designation?
4. Is her real name Katherine "Kate" Kane like in the comics?
5. Is she related to Bette Kane from the first season?
6. Is she also Bruce Wayne's cousin like she is in the comics?
7. Does she operate in Gotham City?
8. Is she considered a part of the "Batman family", or did she just co-opt the Bat title?
9. Would it be fair to assume she's also a lesbian, like her comic counterpart?

Sorry if that was too many questions. It was amazing to see Batwoman in the show, even for just a second. Thank you so much! :)