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Deirdre writes...

Hello Mr. Weisman,

1.I know I am not the only one confused about Bart's time situation, so I won't ask "Won't him being there possibly effect his birth" "Is he going to die upon conception of birth?" "Shouldn't he disappear since his circumstances in the future changed with his meddling and created a Bart who lived a different life, erasing him as a result?" I'm pretty positive those were asked. I want to know, if he will ever return to the future like he does in the comics?

2. If the 3 Green Lanterns were to get into a fight, who would you place money on to win? Hal, John, or Guy?

3. I loved the Brion twist at the end of season 3. Was the force feeding lava planned or was a less gruesome death planned?

4. My friend been begging in my ear to ask once I got the chance, so reading from the note she left: Can/Is Bart asexual like in his first comic run? Having no interest in anyone neither having any use for romance? (Mark Waid's words in that last bit there.)