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Anonymous writes...

Young Justice Questions:

1. What is Ultra-Humanite's number designation in the Light?

2. Who are number designations 28 through 35 in the Justice League?

3. In regards to Batman's team, only Z01 (Batman), Z02 (Green Arrow), Z05 (Katana), Z07 (Robin III), Z08 (Arrowette), Z09 (Spoiler), and Z10 (Orphan) were known. Who were the other number designations on Batman's team that were never mentioned on the show?

4. Who are number designations G04 through G07?

5. Will you be introducing the Monitor at some point on the show? If so, will he or she be an original character who is specifically created for the Young Justice animated universe? If I remember correctly, I believe that each universe in the DC Multiverse has its own Monitor; based on what is mentioned on this link to a Wikipedia article below: