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Gargates writes...

I'm enjoying watching Gargoyles on Disney Plus, but I have a few questions about the future of the universe.
1. The child that Elisa and Goliath will adopt at some point - what age will they be when they're adopted? I hope that doesn't stray too far into spoiler territory.
2. Following the commitment ceremony that Elisa and Goliath have, will she move in with the Manhattan Clan or will she live at her own home and simply make it work with Goliath some other way?
3. Since it's likely you won't answer this until some time into the year, how big will the Manhattan Clan be by 2020?
4. Do you have a general appearance in mind for the Space Spawn? If so, can we have some details about what they look like?
5. Since the Gathering is still going on by 2198 and Oberon's Children are by and large mostly confined to Avalon, will there be a decline in magical belief? Or at least in the belief of certain folk stories that Oberon's Children inspired?
6. Finally, are there any details you could share about the Lost Race?
Thanks for the time, I hope the Disney Plus location helps get Gargoyles to a wider audience. I've already seen an uptick in discussion myself. Hope all's well with you.