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Darcy writes...

Spectacular Spider-Man is one of my most favourite shows and it sucks it only got 2 seasons. I read online that you wanted it to have 5 seasons so how come it got cancelled and is there any hope of it getting at least 1 more season ?

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Anonymous writes...

1) Does the supervillain named Metallo exist in Earth-16?

2) Does the female supervillain named Giganta exist in Earth-16?

3) Does the alien supervillain named Sinestro exist in Earth-16 and was a former member of the Green Lantern Corps who went rogue and became one of their enemies?

4) Does the supervillain named Solomon Grundy exist in Earth-16?

5) Does the supervillain named Tar Pit (Joey Monteleone) exist in Earth-16?

6) Does the Supervillain Team called the Royal Flush Gang exist in Earth-16?

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Anonymous writes...

Mr. Weisman,

Going through the "Unanswered Questions," I noticed that there are a few people who are getting things mixed up with the possible relationships between Bruce Wayne and his other family members in the Kane family tree in Earth-16 universe. To settle the matter once and for all, can you please confirm if the following information below is correct?

#1. From Bruce Wayne's point of view, his maternal cousins are Kate Kane, Beth Kane, and Bette Kane. His maternal uncles would therefore be Jacob Kane (Kate's and Beth's father) and Bette's unnamed father.

#2. From Kate Kane's and Beth Kane's point of view, their paternal cousins are Bruce Wayne and Bette Kane. Their paternal aunt would therefore be Martha Wayne (Bruce's mother), and their paternal uncle would therefore be Bette's unnamed father.

#3. From Bette Kane's point of view, her paternal cousins are Kate Kane, Beth Kane, and Bruce Wayne. Her paternal aunt would therefore be Martha Wayne (Bruce's mother), and her paternal uncle would therefore be Jacob Kane (Kate's and Beth's father).

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Hawkfan writes...

I have a question about Young Justice's "Endgame."

1. Why didn't Hawkman say something to defend Shayera? Idk it just seems kind of out of character for him not to say anything at all.

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Anonymous writes...

Does superboy feel responisble for garfield's beakup with up with queen perditia after all garfield believe he cause conner to die ?

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Anonymous writes...

This isn't really a serious question and I hope this wouldn't be something too spoiler-y, but since returning to 1997, have Brooklyn and/or Gnash ever sat down whenever a new show/episode comes on for the first time saying that it's a classic much to Lex and Broadway's confusion like the Marty McFly meme?

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Population Question writes...

I remember the statement that Mars has an overpopulation issue. Approximately how big is the Martian population in 2020(a.k.a. Team Year Ten)?

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Anonymous writes...

If something were to happen to deathstroke would lady Shiva become the head of the shadows?

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Gregory writes...

Hey Mr. Weisman.
I just wanted to let you know that I am going to keep on giving my support to save Young Justice.

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Anonymous writes...

Is Nightwing related to the Crownes on Earth-16?

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