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Zach writes...

Does Superboy human DNA restrict how much solar energy he can absorb cause Solar energy is how he and superman get there powers

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Lauren writes...

I'm aware of this rumor of live action Gargoyles going around. Apparently there's recent new one (again) over on James Wan's official Instagram account. October 16th, of this year, was the date.

Any changes to this or is still a rumor?

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Mark writes...

Hi again Greg,

Sorry I missed one on my last post about YJ characters:

1) Who is Rae Foster?


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Anonymous writes...

Hello, Mr. Weisman, I wished to tell you that I love Gargoyles and I've been watching the series many times.
I would like to know a bit more about Preston Vogel, please.

Where and when was he born?
Who were his parents and does he have any siblings?
What kind of studies did he take and which college did he went to?
Is he going to make an appearance in the new comics?
After Renard's eventual death, what would Vogel do?

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FlashKing3000 writes...

Hi Greg, I am grateful for the opportunity you give us to reach out and ask you our questions. As far as I am aware, it is not something that other creators grant.

As Cyborg is now a member of the Justice League, his previous (and, if I am not mistaken, record-breaking) designations (B, D, and G) are retired. It has been confirmed that he held the G-08 designation, and it is assumed that he held the D-08 designation. In a previous response, you confirmed that Cyborg briefly held a B designation. What was it?

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Mark writes...

Hi Greg, hope this post finds you well.

Once again I have some questions from the YJ character countback.

1) Who is Jeff Kobi?
2a) Who is Stormy? Is it the giant seahorse Aquaman rides in the palace mural?
2b) If so, why the name change from the usual Storm?
3) Who is Prime-One? My best guess is the Mountain Hive's big Mantis-like Bug next to All-Widow in Beyond The Grip Of The Gods.

Thanks as always.

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Sam writes...

Why do you say young justice has no end when you have the complete timeline of young justice events on your computer?

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Ethan writes...

Dear Greg
I love Gargoyles and I was happy when learning about the comic continuation. I must ask if your planning to do the same for your other shows like The Spectacular Spider Man and Young Justice?

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Chris. A. writes...

Dear Greg Wiesman

1.Why didn’t Megan take Mcomm with her to earth when she went to mars in 2016. Garfield was even able to him. Wasn’t it possible for Mcomm to go with years before he started to work Darkseid in 2018

2.In Torch Songs, Part 1. It took place August 2016. But If Megan, Garfield, Connor went sent to Mars in July 2016, shouldn’t have they returned to Earth in September 2016, if it takes 2 month to Mars and back with Bioship. And they confirmed they used the Bio-ship to get to Mars. Because the Bio-ship was excited about going to Mars like their previous trip before in 2016.

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Miguel writes...

Hey Greg, how are you? Do you think Disney can call you to continue the spectacular Spider-Man animated series, after your Spider-Man appeared in the film? I think about it, because the 90s x-men animated series is going to come back, do you have any hope of that happening?

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