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Clark Cradic writes...

When writing for Gargoyles for so long, but it still being set in the 90's, are there any times where you accidentally include or mention something like a piece of tech or reference that wouldn't have existed/happened yet during the writing process?

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Richard Tice writes...

Mister Greg why do you think it possible you will get enough fans to support a season 5 of young justice to be made after you made so many fans upset with you by not have Garfield and Perdita become a couple again at the end of last issue of young justice comic story targets as many fans wanted to happen because the fans did not believe was far to Garfield Logan lose his dating relationship with Perdita as a couple over drug use and depression over Garfield believing he cause conner to die on mars only for it be shown that after the breakup at the Hub that conner is alive in the phantoms zone and later reunited with m'gann at the end of young justice season 4?

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Samanta writes...

After the things that happen to beast boy in young justice season 4 Why does beast boy still trust black canary to council him when beast boy knew black canary knew beast boy was not going on outsiders missions because he was upset believing superboy was dead and black canary this knew before Perdita can to see beast boy at the outsiders base the hub but black canary did not go to the hub to council beast boy about beast boy being upset believing superboy was dead before Perdita arrive at the hub?

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katanaandvoices from Germany writes...

Hello dear Mr Greg Weisman,

I am Jacob Katana from Germany!

I didnt know how to contact you anywhere else, so I thought this is the only possibility that I can reach out to you. I don't know if am right here with my request, and I also hope that your supporter of this site will sort my request out of the other messages you get about fan theories and so on.

First of all thank you for sharing your art with the whole world and especially for me as a teenager .you made my .. ,I think it was on Saturday something between 5-8 p.m where I could watch it on television here in Germany, evening very special as a kid! The stuff the made in the early days was on another level. But iam not here because of the gargoyles. I'm here because your magic the gathering books! I didnt know they even existed till know and since I played magic the gathering when I was a kid I had to buy those. They are still on my way!

But as coincidences as it always happen I saw you haven't released a German audiobook version! And I'm actually a Voice Over Artist for commercials, trailer, explanatory videos and especially audiobooks. I like to narrate stories especially in the sci-fi fantasy thriller genre.

You are missing out on the opportunity for very good sales here!

The audio book market is becoming more and more important and it grows constantly. I haven't had a look on the book since Its on the way to me. But my own ambitions to be the speaker for my favorite-game- themed book tells me that I need to do this. And I have no doubt that it will be good! I see a big potential here! I'm sure you could benefit from an audio book version and get a lot more revenue out of it here in Germany.

I could do that for you! I would offer the audio book production for you free of charge as part of a so-called "royalty share".

This means for you: 0 efforts and 0 costs.

I do this as follows:
I'll produce the audiobook, put it out on Audible and take the risk if it doesn't sell. However, if it sells, we split the income 50/50 - that's the principle of royalty share.
As I said, you don't have any expenses or costs in advance and would earn more directly through this - you will open yourself for the audiobook market and will be presented there and appear as an author here in Germany . That would also significantly increase your awareness and popularity.

Does this maybe sounds interesting to you?

You can contact me on kontakt@katanaandvoices.de

I don't know if these reaches you, and don't end in a discussion forum.

Can't hardly wait to here from you.
Best wishes out of the cold and frozen Germany!

Jacob Katana

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Akimasa writes...

When outsiders are about leave the hub to go rescue queen Perdita Superboy can hear Garfield listen to peridia's messages on his phone, so Superboy knows Garfield fells sadness over the loss of his relationship with Perdita so why does Superboy and Miss Matian did not try convincing Perdita to
give Garfield second Chane of a relationship as a couple by telling Perdita had his mental health problems on mars before Garfield return to earth when they are all on the bioship after Perdita is rescue?

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Dave writes...

As part of the story of young justice why did you have beast boy and peridia breakup if you believe they were the right one for each other?

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Caldeiro writes...

Is the person who sent the google device to Perdita's hotel room in young justice Outsiders episode 12 nightmare monkeys the person that Perdita is in a relationship with by the time of young justice comic targets time period?

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Levine JT writes...

After the events of season 4 of young justice and before young justice targes comic events why didn't superboy fell guilt over learning Garfield and Perdita breakup over Garfield blaming himself over believing himself (Garfield) cause superboy to die on mars but if superboy did fill guilt over it why didn't superboy tell Perdita that Garfield had his meatal health problems on mars before Garfield took drugs on earth as a way to try to get Perdita and Garfield back together as a couple?

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Anonymous writes...

Dear Mr Weisman 1. What does Katana do for a living and does she own and wear a baseball cap from time to time when not in costume? 2 . Was Erika Ishii the first actress you hide in mind for both Mary Bromfield and child or did things just work out that way?

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Jonny Modlin writes...

Will Gargoyles SLG Comics be reprinted in Trade Paperback Collection by Dynamite Comics? Will Gargoyles dynamite comics be released in Trade Paperback COllection?

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