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DeAngelo Hill writes...

Why don't you have Spectacular Spider-Man in your Twitter Bio? I'm sorry I'm such of fan of the show, And I know you had something to do with it's success being behind the scene s

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Stranger writes...

Did Artemis and Wally had sex before start to live together?

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Anonymous writes...

Can you tell us now what projects were these? https://twitter.com/greg_weisman/status/517893725863682048

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John writes...

Hi Greg! Hope everything is going well. I've been wondering, if you would have had an extended opening for Season 2, what would it have been like? Would it have been the original team, the new members, both? Also, who are the six shadowed characters on the first poster of Young Justice Invasion?

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Dani writes...

Hi Greg,
In YJ at the end of season one Superboy says that he's known about Miss Martian's true form since they first mind melded.
So my question is, in the episode "Bereft" when we see the flash of memories M'gann shares with Conner and there is the flash of Megan from Hello Megan, is that the moment where Conner learns about M'gann's true form and her love of the show?
Similarly, in "Terrors" during the scene where M'gann and Conner are in the psychiatrists office and Conner says something about her' fantasy world where problems are solved in half an hour', was that a hint at him being aware of how much the show has shaped her?

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Mason writes...

Hey Greg, I have been rewatching The Batman and I just watched the episode you wrote, Meltdown. I noticed that at the start of the episode Batman stopped clayface with a pellet that turned him into a hardened white foam like material, then clayface darted his eyes back and forth, this exact same thing happened to clayface in the first episode of Young Justice Invasion. Was that an intentional callback? It was awesome either way.

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Marvelman writes...

What is the League and the team's stance on killing?

I'm sure they have a rule about not deliberately taking a life, but how rigid is it? I'm not necessarily thinking about M'gann brain-frying someone because in her mind he had it coming. I'm talking about stuff that accidentally and inevitably happens in large scale battles. For example, let's say in that battle with the Light and the Reach in Summit, one of the League's young proteges accidentally hits a foot-soldier too hard and he dies. Is he or she going to be automatically expelled from the team? Or, what if the only way to protect innocent life is to take a life?

I guess what I'm asking is do league and team members have the same discretion of using lethal force that a police officer has?

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Cassidy writes...

Was Marie Logan's death reported on the news?

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KarrinBlue writes...

So I managed to finish streaming YJ on Netflix with my friends, just a day before it's taken off. Hopefully it'll return someday. But in the meantime - I still really love this show, and every time I watched it I think I noticed something new. A few thoughts:

-Kaldur at one point says 'blood is thicker than seawater' as a dig at Aquaman - but the original phrase, 'blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb' meant that families of choice are stronger than families of blood, so was that line meant to be a subtle nod to Kaldur not being a traitor?
-Artemis and Dick have some very fascinating parallels (Gothamites, unpowered, trained from a young age, both Kaldur's second in command at different points in time, and they tend to pair up to attack or recon after Homefront) which I don't think could've come up in any other show. It's really interesting, and I hope we get to explore their parallels and differences more in s3.
-Speaking of character decisions that'd be unlikely in the original canon - having Jade actually care about other people, having Beast Boy as part of M'gann and J'onn's family - even bringing in Sportsmaster as a legitimate villain. I'm really excited to see what's going to happen next, especially since I'm sure that I won't see half of what you have coming.

Now, for actual questions -

-Do the Team or League members get any sort of stipend or compensation as part of their membership?
-Is the public generally aware that Blue Beetle was controlled by the Reach against his will, or do they think he did everything voluntarily?
-If Zatanna has no secret identity, does that mean that everyone she went to school with knows her dad was Zatara and that she could do magic?


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Chill Ugwu writes...

Big fan and looking forward to season 3. I was just wondering why Tim in the revel has a hood. A look synonymous with a different Robin and his league background.
I'm just very curious as a huge Robin fan it was a huge surprise. Also very confusing as the Robins usually are interchangeable but you could always tell Damian because of his hood.

Thank you and hope you find the time to reply

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