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Roger writes...

Well first, thanks for taking the time to answer these questions and congratulations on YJ Season 3.

1) Is Superboy the physically strongest on the Team at the moment? It feels somewhat ambiguous with the introduction of wonder girl and the ease with which Aqualad knocked him out.
2) Would M'gann have been powerful enough to defeat Despero or Black Beetle with her powers if it hadn't been for her previous trauma?
3) How do inhibitor collars actually work? On enemies like Blockbuster or Mammoth, I get that they disable superstrength, but they would have those as an extension of their size anyway. Do you have any particular idea behind the collars' mechanics?

Thank you for your time.

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JSA Fan writes...

Was the original Jim Harper in the All-Star Squadron? If not, and the clone Guardian was never in the Justice League, why was his suit in the Museum of Justice in Cornered?

P.S. Thank you for answering my previous question, from what I gather through reading, your Gargoyles Time Travel worked similarly to the theory in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, predestination...Bart's story never seems to address that in the comics. xD Looking forward to S3 in Earth-16b!

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Todd Jensen writes...

I thought you might be amused to learn that not long ago, the Titan Comics "Doctor Who" comics did a story where the Doctor (the Christopher Eccleston version) and his friends were tracking a living gargoyle (actually, a human who was turned permanently into a gargoyle - long story) through the woods at night, and encountered a young woman also searching for the gargoyle, who was wearing a red jacket, black t-shirt, and blue jeans. The jacket had a different design than Elisa's, but the overall look of her outfit was close enough to make me wonder if it was intended as a "Gargoyles" tribute. (Then again, Ellen Yin's similar outfit in "The Batman" turned out to be - apparently - a coincidence.) I hope it was intentional - meaning that someone working on that comic still remembered "Gargoyles" after all these years.

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Lea Teresa Sutherland writes...

How do gargoyles mate ritualistically? I am writing a story and I want to use it in my fanfiction on how they mate. Is it like humans or is there a whole ceremony?

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