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Warren writes...

In honor of their upcoming 50th anniversary

Why do you think the Duo of Hawk and Dove have struggled so hard in the Modern incarnations -post 2005, Dawn/Holly and Dawn/Hank Redux- compared to Hank/Don and Hank/Dawn 1.0 which are more fondly remembered?

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EXALT writes...

I've recently rewatched Awakening, and the scene where Goliath tells Demona that she can't kill an enemy unless it is "in the heat of battle" sparked a question in me: as of Phoenix, which members of the Manhattan Clan have actually killed someone?

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ClarkeC writes...

How are you doing Mr.Weisman?
1.I had a question regarding spoilers for YJ season 3.I could be wrong but since the new season is going to be on streaming site similar to Netflix where you could binge it, how would you approach questions about spoilers for the season when it comes out?

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Kevin writes...

In the rise of tv shows being streamed on individual networks how can we support Young Justice and other shows like it? If this is a really simple solution, I am sorry as supporting shows and comics like this has been really complicated in the past with pre orders and toy lines and I would like a professional in the industry to clarify if it is not too presumptuous.

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Jack Carpenter writes...

In "Performance", did Wally deliberately start making a bologna sandwich right before calling Dick SPECIFICALLY so he could make that joke?

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mystery thunder writes...

Mr. Weisman, I just wanted to ask you a question about Young Justice S02E19 Summit: During the fight on Santa Prisca, Ra's al Ghul instructs his allies and followers not to resist because the heroes have no jurisdiction on Santa Prisca. I'm a bit stumped by this since the Team later arrests their defeated opponents and we've also previously seen the Team arrest villains after a battle that also took place on Santa Prisca in S01E25 Usual Suspects. So, was Ra's somehow mistaken about the Team's jurisdiction on Santa Prisca or what? It seems to me very strange that Ra's would be misinformed about something like that. If you could clarify what happened there exactly, I would really appreciate it because that question always bugs me.

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Dark Light writes...

First of all, I am SO HAPPY Young Justice finally got a third season (God knows the show deserves it) and I can't wait to see what you've come up with (especially regarding Darkseid). So, I've been re-watching the series and I wanted to ask you a few questions about the episodes "Summit" and "Endgame":
1) In "Summit", Savage mentions that the Light bribed certain individuals on Rimbor (I realize he didn't say it was the Tribune, but who else could it be?) in order to ensure the League is found guilty. So why didn't the Tribune declare them guilty in spite of Conner and M'gann trying to convince them otherwise?
2) In "Summit", when the fight broke out on Santa Prisca and Klarion teleported himself, Savage and Teekl out of there, why didn't he also teleport Ra's, Manta and the Brain, given how important members of the Light they are?
3) In "Endgame", when Luthor contacted the League via United Nations transmission and offered them his help against the Reach, Atom said that he (Lex) and the Light are responsible for the current crisis and Lex replied: "Perhaps, but as I believe you know, the Light always planned to betray the Reach." Lex said this in front of UN Secretary General Tseng via UN transmission, so my question is: doesn't this implicate Luthor in collaboration with known felons (as well as various other criminal activities) and couldn't it be used against him in the court of law? I'm asking 'cause Lex usually doesn't slip up.
Anyway, I hope answers for my questions aren't spoilers and that you can freely answer them because they really bug me when I start thinking about them. I've searched a great deal and I don't believe that they've been previously asked by anyone. Once again, I LOVE your show and the way you handle so many characters from DC's vast universe and am really excited about seeing what season 3 has in store for us :)

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Emily the Disney Fan writes...

Hello Again, Here's question I do have for the 'Gargoyles' comics

In "Masque", when Billy and Susan Greene dress up as Jackal and Hyena, around that time Are They Aware that The PACK are Crimanals? Since they're Kids I would'nt be surprised if they did'nt but Surely their Parents watch the News and heard of the PACK committing real crimes and would try to Discourage their kids from watching the show, Or do they just Love the PACK's Show and Don't care what their parents or even the News Says?

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Michael M. writes...

Hi Greg. Very excited for Young Justice: Outsiders. Finally glad to see Arrowette make her animated debut :)

1. What exact species would Cassie Sandsmark be? Her father is a Greek god and her mother is a mortal human. Wouldn't that classify her as a Demigod?

2. How old Helena Sandsmark?

3. Is Traci Thirteen Asian or Caucasian? The reason I'm asking this is that her concept art at Comic-Con makes her look more like the latter.

4. How cruel are the Lords of Chaos'? Do they get a nice kick of seeing mortals from different planets killing each other?

5. In Denial, Klarion mentions Nabu as an "old fart". Does this mean the latter is far older than the former?

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Adam Ahmed writes...

Hello Mr. Weisman,
I just watched Spiderman Homecoming, and many incidents within the movie reminded me A LOT of your beautiful work of the Spectacular Spiderman. I re-watched the entire series again! I love the action, comedy, irony, romance implemented in the series! Needless to say all of us fans of spidey are disappointed of the circumstances, but I want to how will us fans of your work move on from it since we want to see this series revive again? Literally all I see on YouTube are clips from the series and viewers commenting how much they want it back ( and so do I..I am even cried). And also how are your colleagues ( crew members) from Spectacular Spiderman series are doing?
I just want to thank you for creating such an amazing show back in 2008 as many more writers are inspired from your work, and I hope and I hope there will many more work from you

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Durkmenistan writes...

What are the names of the following characters' species?:
a. Boka
b. Primat
c. Solovar
d. Wolf

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Durkmenistan writes...

What are the names of the following characters' species?:
a. Mongul
b. Monkey (S1E21, Image)
c. Tribune
d. Ultra-Humanite
e. Vartox

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Durkmenistan writes...

What are the names of the following characters' species?:
a. Icon
b. Kylstar
c. Lobo
d. M. Mallah
e. Maxima

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Durkmenistan writes...

What are the names of the following characters' species?:
a. Alanna, Sardath and other Rannians (is this a demonym, an ethnonym or a species name?)
b. Despero
c. Draaga
d. Galet Dasim
e. Gorilla Grodd (there are two gorilla species)

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Durkmenistan writes...

1) What gender (if any) does Ultra-Humanite identify as?
2) Can M. Mallah or Ultra-Humanite speak? If so, can they speak any human languages?
3) Of the non-human Genomorphs, how many of the different breeds constitute different species?
4) Can any non-human Genomorphs reproduce via "natural" means?

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Durkmenistan writes...

What are the "real" names of the following heroes?:
a. Crimson Avenger
b. Doctor Occult
c. Hourman
d. Rose Psychic

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Durkmenistan writes...

Hi Greg!

I realize some of these questions may be spoiler requests, so I'd really appreciate it if you could answer any parts of the questions that you can.
If Outsiders has aired or started airing, could you please include information up to whatever date it currently is in series, as opposed to 07/05/16 (Endgame, S2E20)?

1) Can you confirm or deny, and hopefully correct, the numbering for the following heroes/villains sharing noms-de-guerre?
2) For heroes/villains missing their other names, could you please provide them?
3) For any heroes/villains who were missed in numbering (such as another Kid Flash between Wally and Bart), could you provide their numbers and names?
4) If there any other heroes/villains sharing noms-de-guerre that you're aware of, could you please share their noms-de-guerre, numbering and names?
5) Would you define Doctor Fate as the nom-de-guerre for Nabu, or for his hosts? Your response to this may affect the list below.

Flash I - Jay Garrick
Flash II - Barry Allen
Green Lantern I - Alan Scott
Green Lantern II - Hal Jordan
Green Lantern III - Guy Gardner
Green Lantern IV - John Stewart
Black Canary I - Dinah Drake (Lance)
Black Canary II - Dinah Lance
Atom I - ?
Atom II - Ray Palmer
Blue Beetle I - Dan Garrett
Blue Beetle II - Ted Kord
Blue Beetle III - Jaime Reyes

Robin I - Dick Grayson
Robin II - Jason Todd
Robin III - Tim Drake
Kid Flash I - Wally West
Kid Flash II - Impulse
Guardian I - Jim Harper
Guardian II - Jim Harper
Guardian III - Mal Duncan

Firebrand I - ?
Firebrand II - Danette Reilly / Red Inferno

Icicle I - ?
Icicle II - Cameron Mahkent

Thank you for your help!
By the time you read this, Outsiders will probably already be out, but best of luck!

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Mike writes...

Where there any plans during the production of the Avalon world tour for the travelers to wear outfits from the London, Mayan and the ishimura clans?

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