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Heather writes...

Did you have to make changes to the young justice timeline since young justice invasion air ?

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Anonymous writes...

Hey Greg I wanna say congratulations on season 3 of YJ! It's my favorite show and i'm so excited it got renewed.

1. Is Barry Allen's mother dead?
2. Is Barry Allen's father in jail?
3. Is Plastic Man as ridiculously durable as he is in the comics? i.e. could he survive being scattered across the ocean floor for thousands of years?
4. What does the "G" in G. Gordon Godfrey stand for?
5. Did anyone ever figure out which Wildstorm character made a cameo in season 1? (If not, I swear I will trawl through every single episode until I find them)

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Loman writes...

Hey Greg, I love Young Justice and I am so hyped for season 3! I've read all the tie-in comics and the second season prompted me to start reading Blue Beetle, Zatanna and Teen Titans.

What comics would you recommend reading in advance of season 3?

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Marvelman writes...

1) Is Ms. Martian's telekinesis as extraordinarily powerful as her telepathy? Or is it just her telepathy that is unusually strong for a martian?

2) Is Grodd a more powerful telepath than Ms. Martian?

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Marvelman writes...

Most people who know me would say I'm book-smart, but not street smart. (I'm a little like Dustin on Stranger Things.) I have an unfortunate tendency to not be politically smart and blurt out exactly what I'm thinking. Sometimes it gets me into trouble.

How do you deal with that as someone working in the entertainment industry? What do you do, just for example,if someone asks you what you think about the current Spider-Man cartoon, and you happen to think that it sucks? What do you do if somebody asks you what executive producer John Doe is like, and you happen to think John is a jerk? Do you lie? Do you massage the truth? How do you do that? Can you give some examples? As someone who will probably always be socially inept, I'd love to know.

Teach me, oh wise one.:)

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Marvelman writes...

I don't know why you did not continue on as story editor on season 2 of Rebels, but I think it is unfortunate. The show would have been better with you on it. The animation is spectacular but I find the characters boring.

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Geraghty writes...

Mister Greg a few questions. Why did M'gann use her shapeshifting powers to give herself shorter hair in young justice season two than the longer hair she had in season one of young justice ? How can Miss Martian have a stronger bound with Garfield after his mom died before begin he living at the cave if she didn't visit him often ?

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FallenLegend writes...

Hey Greg I got some questions regarding young justice and Atlantean magic.

On land we know only people born with the talent like Zatanna or Zatara can use magic (not counting artifacts like fate's helmet). Hence the reason Batman is not a wizard.

So my questions are:

1.- Given we have seen plenty more of human civilian magic users on Atlantis compared to land , does this means that all atlantans have the potential to use magic? or They just have a higher amount of talented magicians?

2.- Given Aquaman lacks magic powers and Ocean Master tried to steal Mera's magic, is their lack of magic powers due to lack of study on magic or they just weren't born with magical talent?

3.-Is Mera's magic derived purely on study? With that I mean, not counting her hard work. was she born with her raw power?

4.- Why didn't Ocean Master or Aquaman considered studying magic to gain magic powers like Mera?

Thank you Greg!

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FallenLegend writes...

And another question from me. I feel bad for doing so much, but given these are like a year away I kinda want to talk advantage of now before the flood of YJ season 3 questions.

I wanted to share my thoughts on W.I.T.C.H

Your writing was superb, but I did wonder why it failed to beat WINX club on popularity despite having your superior writing. WITCH was popular on Italy, but otherwise it's not the cash cow franchise WITCH still is.

I read a bit of the comic and some of the show season 1 (things you didn't do). My impression is that the concept was great, the artwork was gorgeous. But the execution was flawed.

W.I.T.C.H had for the most part poor villains from the source material. Phobos despite being their "nemesis", their joker to their batman, is particularly as flat as a sheet of paper. Evil without any redeeming qualities whatsoever. The complete opposite of your great villains.

Phobos whole character is basically "I want ultimate power and I will always do evil" He is so predictable that he will backstab or do evil always.

WINX had the advantage there as the trix definitively are more interesting. It would seem as they took notes from you as they are like you said "a twisted reflection of the hero."

The girls were very overpowered in the original comics. I glanced the wiki and they have even more powers than Superman, each. Say Hay Lin can turn invisible or "hear the past" and for example and not even Avatar Aang or Korra can do that.

Now your influence was great as you did a great job with Nerissa improving the source material giving her depth she didn't had. You never disappoint on villiains.

By saying it was too easy for them,I'll give an example. It's telling how on season 2 (before you worked on the show) all the girls had their "soulmates" . While Peter was still struggling with love on season 2. Also on season 2 the main couples Wally X Artemis and Superboy Miss Martian were struggling in one way or another. By the end of Gargoyles, Eliza and Goliath still had room to grow as a couple and so on.

I feel a lot of character development was stolen before you got to them. But I think you did the best with what you got.

For a magical girl show the magic trinkets was unnecessarily complex, I think. Meaning all of them had to be close to the heart to transform and close to WIll. WINX had them not dependent on a jewel. As far as kids playing as WINX they had more fun without a doubt. But again this was from the source.

As for the girls you defitiveley wrote them better than WINX. But I feel that girls wanted to be more like Bloom (their redhead lead) than Will. Bloom was a secret flame princess or something and Will had divorced parents. Which made Will more relatable but less escapist.

Regardless I just want to say that I loved what you did on that show. In fact I only checked it out because you worked on it.

I would love to see you develop a magical girl show, but on your terms.

So my question would be, what are your thoughts on it?
Keep the good work!

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FallenLegend writes...

Hey there it's me again. Sorry for asking so many things, but I admire your writing and love your shows.

I have two questions regarding your storytelling techniques.

First How do you manage to always see up us guessing? I know you're very protective on spoilers. But I mean, how do you plan these seeds of questions in our minds?

I have a lot of questions you won't answer because they are spoilers. But how do you manage to make us want to know in the first place.

Your questions are like Hydra. Whenever you answer a question we have as fans (like who are the members of the light) two more questions take their place.


I've heard you mention that you would do series forever if you could. But how would you do that with licensed properties?

Specially after you said you do like characters growing.

Sure with Gargoyles you said you could keep the story after Goliath dies and sure you could make a lot of villains and plots. We already got Alexander Xanatos in the future for one.

But what about Spectacular Spiderman? by season 2 you had already introduced like 90% of his most famous villains. How could you've kept things fresh without creating original characters?

And with Young justice, not complaining about time skips, but eventually all of them will become adults right? Wouldn't you be running out of teenage superheros by time skipping?

I know you're skilled writer. But it seems like theres no way on making these lost longer and keep character growing without creating new characters that aren't part of the franchise.

I'm very curious. Thank you greg!

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Jack Carpenter writes...

Can Blue Beetle's armor create a grappling hook? I mean, he obviously doesn't need one because he can fly, but if he did?

What happens to the ammunition, like the staples, that Beetle leaves behind?

Where does the extra mass come from for Beetle's weapons and equipment?

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a human Earthling writes...

Do "Martians" as we know them (such as J'onn, M'gann, and B'arzz) have a name that they use amongst themselves to refer their particular species that goes beyond the planetary designation? Humans, for example, could also be considered "Earthlings," but we tend to think of ourselves and each other as "humans" before we think of ourselves as "Earthlings," and I feel as though that still largely applies to Earth-16 despite people on Earth becoming more and more aware of sentient life on other planets. Is there a Martian equivalent to "human" in that sense, or do Martians call each other "Martians" (or, of course, whatever the Martian language equivalent of "person from/of Mars" is).

This same question could apply to any alien species, I suppose (Kryptonian, Rannian, Krolotean, etc.), but with Mars being a populated planet so relatively close to Earth and its inhabitants being capable of interplanetary travel, it makes me very curious how Martians contextualize themselves as a species. If this question crosses into spoiler territory since we've yet to really see Martian civilization in the show, I understand and apologize. Thank you for your time!

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FallenLegend writes...

Hey there Greg I wanted to clarify and fix question I asked you a while back about how making comics more apealing to the general public.

I correct myself as DC's Rebirth is indeed fantastic.

However new 52 was a disaster (their superman was awful) and Marvel is having a crisis of having low sales of these writting. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/04/07/books/marvel-comics-diversity-thor-hulk.html

The think is comics are very niche.

Best selling comics from the big two are at best on the hunred thousands (if they are lucky). And we are talking big names like Spider-Man or Batman.

They are dwarfed by TV. But not even the convenience of TV being free an accesible is an excuse becuase Manga (aka japanese comics) again dwarf them by selling on the millions range.

There was a time Fawcett sold in the millions. Yet today most people simply aren't atracted to comics.

A big issue in my opinion is how the continuity os a nightmare. Just a glance at the retcons and illy explanations like "superboy punched reality" are a nightmare to follow for new comers.

As an outsider I see chaos and very confusing plotlines. But yes as you pointed out "zooming in" there are plenty of fantastic comics.

So my question is, how would you make comics more appealing to the general public?


How would you fix all these continuity nighmares caused by cosmic retcons like having hundreds of retcons ( superboy prime, antimonitor, etc)

Thank you Greg. Love your shows.

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FallenLegend writes...

Hey Greg the topics on my questions are about popularity. The other day I was thinking abiut gargoyles, and W.I.T.C.H and I always wondered why it didn't get a far better mainstream appeal.

This was odd for me as gargoyles being your baby, it does have brilliant writting and well developed characters.

I mean sure it does have a relative big following , theres a fan hosting this very site. But on the whole of dinsey propierties Gargoyles is a bit on the obscure side of things. I apologize if that comes as an insult. By the standards of a 90's disney cartoon your show is reasnably well rememebered, sure.

But had the fanbase being larger, the comic would've lasted longer I think.

I rather consider this a paradox. A brilliant show with great writting doesn't gett that much attention. Consider for a second how ducktales got a revival, and gargoyles is still waiting despite our best wishes as fans.

I think I found the reason.

Gargoyles lacks escapism.

I'm not saying that's a bad thing. You love your show and just how things are. Nothing wrong with that. I don't want you to change what you love.

Gargoyles are supposed to be feared and disliked as the whole point of them is a statment against prejudice. That's the entire point.

But it does affect their popuilarity.

Say people might want to be like Nightwing or spiderman as teens with incredible lifes. But I think few people would want to be a gargoyle hiding from the world.

People admire Goliath but I don't think anyone (mainly the kids of the audience) would like to be him nor Hudson or Lexington.

X-men has also the prejudiced characters. But there's a line of kids that would love to be like Wolverine or even Mystique.

I think it's safe to say that nobody would like to be in Puck's shoes.

Xanatos, Fox and oberon were probably the closes to escapist characters given their confort. But I think that's a stretch give the gargoyles are the focus.

So my question is what do you think?

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BigShadow writes...

How much Impulses "Act" became genuinely who he was
an was really happy to Barry for reasons other than his mission

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Zack writes...

Hi, sorry it's been a year since you responded, but I forgot about this site. When I asked about yj captain atom power compared to yj super man, I meant in terms of physical strength, speed, durability. Stuff like that. Depending on story, atom is shown as slightly weaker JLU, equal (comics)or more powerful ( injustice)than super man .

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FallenLegend writes...

Hey there greg i fiorst want to say that you're a writer I admire deeply and try to emulate you my writting. One dream of mine is seeing you writing a full Superman series (m,y favorite superhero). I know silly, but I fee like you would be fantastic

Onto my question.

How do you manage to keep us guessing with so maby questions. I mean whenever you answer a question there seems to be another around the corner.

How do you acomplish that? I mean most writers when they answer the big questions, theres nothing else to. Yet with you whenever you answer something a new question rises.

Thank you greg

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Zuri writes...

Did Garfield's hair and skin turn on same day in young justice universe ?

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Jurgan writes...

Young Justice Season One Review

I didn't have to work Labor Day, so I spent it binging the second half of season one. I'm of two minds on the season as a whole. Thematically, it was about team-building, specifically through trust and revealing secrets. M'gann was hiding her grotesque (by Earth standards) real body is the best example I can remember, but there were others. In the last couple episodes they spent a lot of time baring their souls to one another, and they became a stronger team as a result. There were little character traits early on that got expanded over time. M'gann's catchphrase was annoying until we learned where it came from (a sitcom by those hacks Brandon Weisman and Greg Vietti). Red Arrow was obnoxious and I couldn't stand him, but then we find out it wasn't his real personality but conditioning from The Light. It ends on New Year's Eve, a great time for reflection.
On a plot level, though, I'm not as enthusiastic. The individual episodes generally had pretty good plots (the Halloween ghost story was one of my favorites), but the season long arc seemed kind of weak. Mainly, it's that there was a very long build-up to a masterstroke that was resolved very quickly. In the last episode, Vandal Savage and Thom Adcox (I don't remember that character's name) takes control of the entire Justice League. HOLY CRAP HOW ARE THEY EVER GOING TO- the Young Justice team frees them all in about ten minutes. It struck me as an anticlimax. Then Savage just left and talked about "phase two" of the plan. You've often referred to "Big Bads," a reference to Joss Whedon's standard plot structure, but in a typical season of Buffy the Big Bad would be utterly defeated at the end of the season. Maybe The Light are more like Wolfram and Hart from Angel. Well, it's not a big complaint from me. I enjoyed the season by and large, I just felt that they foiled The Light's plan too easily. On the plus side, I love Savage's monologue about survival of the fittest. He also referenced being thousands of years old but didn't explain further. I imagine if I knew DC comics I would know a lot about him, but instead I'm willing to enjoy the ride.
I already have season two, so I'll start watching it soon. Since it's called "Invasion" and Savage ominously referred to "phase two," I'm guessing it involves some sort of alien infiltration and Savage is worried that the Justice League has made humanity too soft to resist. I could be totally wrong, of course, but I'm eager to see where it goes.

Rating: 3.5/4

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BigShadow writes...

How Long did Mark Desmond work at Cadmus before he was recruited b the Light
why did he look so Genomorphy as Blocbuster
an did he know his Intellect would leave him upon his transformation

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Warren writes...

In honor of their upcoming 50th anniversary

Why do you think the Duo of Hawk and Dove have struggled so hard in the Modern incarnations -post 2005, Dawn/Holly and Dawn/Hank Redux- compared to Hank/Don and Hank/Dawn 1.0 which are more fondly remembered?

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EXALT writes...

I've recently rewatched Awakening, and the scene where Goliath tells Demona that she can't kill an enemy unless it is "in the heat of battle" sparked a question in me: as of Phoenix, which members of the Manhattan Clan have actually killed someone?

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ClarkeC writes...

How are you doing Mr.Weisman?
1.I had a question regarding spoilers for YJ season 3.I could be wrong but since the new season is going to be on streaming site similar to Netflix where you could binge it, how would you approach questions about spoilers for the season when it comes out?

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Kevin writes...

In the rise of tv shows being streamed on individual networks how can we support Young Justice and other shows like it? If this is a really simple solution, I am sorry as supporting shows and comics like this has been really complicated in the past with pre orders and toy lines and I would like a professional in the industry to clarify if it is not too presumptuous.

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Jack Carpenter writes...

In "Performance", did Wally deliberately start making a bologna sandwich right before calling Dick SPECIFICALLY so he could make that joke?

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mystery thunder writes...

Mr. Weisman, I just wanted to ask you a question about Young Justice S02E19 Summit: During the fight on Santa Prisca, Ra's al Ghul instructs his allies and followers not to resist because the heroes have no jurisdiction on Santa Prisca. I'm a bit stumped by this since the Team later arrests their defeated opponents and we've also previously seen the Team arrest villains after a battle that also took place on Santa Prisca in S01E25 Usual Suspects. So, was Ra's somehow mistaken about the Team's jurisdiction on Santa Prisca or what? It seems to me very strange that Ra's would be misinformed about something like that. If you could clarify what happened there exactly, I would really appreciate it because that question always bugs me.

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Dark Light writes...

First of all, I am SO HAPPY Young Justice finally got a third season (God knows the show deserves it) and I can't wait to see what you've come up with (especially regarding Darkseid). So, I've been re-watching the series and I wanted to ask you a few questions about the episodes "Summit" and "Endgame":
1) In "Summit", Savage mentions that the Light bribed certain individuals on Rimbor (I realize he didn't say it was the Tribune, but who else could it be?) in order to ensure the League is found guilty. So why didn't the Tribune declare them guilty in spite of Conner and M'gann trying to convince them otherwise?
2) In "Summit", when the fight broke out on Santa Prisca and Klarion teleported himself, Savage and Teekl out of there, why didn't he also teleport Ra's, Manta and the Brain, given how important members of the Light they are?
3) In "Endgame", when Luthor contacted the League via United Nations transmission and offered them his help against the Reach, Atom said that he (Lex) and the Light are responsible for the current crisis and Lex replied: "Perhaps, but as I believe you know, the Light always planned to betray the Reach." Lex said this in front of UN Secretary General Tseng via UN transmission, so my question is: doesn't this implicate Luthor in collaboration with known felons (as well as various other criminal activities) and couldn't it be used against him in the court of law? I'm asking 'cause Lex usually doesn't slip up.
Anyway, I hope answers for my questions aren't spoilers and that you can freely answer them because they really bug me when I start thinking about them. I've searched a great deal and I don't believe that they've been previously asked by anyone. Once again, I LOVE your show and the way you handle so many characters from DC's vast universe and am really excited about seeing what season 3 has in store for us :)

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Emily the Disney Fan writes...

Hello Again, Here's question I do have for the 'Gargoyles' comics

In "Masque", when Billy and Susan Greene dress up as Jackal and Hyena, around that time Are They Aware that The PACK are Crimanals? Since they're Kids I would'nt be surprised if they did'nt but Surely their Parents watch the News and heard of the PACK committing real crimes and would try to Discourage their kids from watching the show, Or do they just Love the PACK's Show and Don't care what their parents or even the News Says?

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Michael M. writes...

Hi Greg. Very excited for Young Justice: Outsiders. Finally glad to see Arrowette make her animated debut :)

1. What exact species would Cassie Sandsmark be? Her father is a Greek god and her mother is a mortal human. Wouldn't that classify her as a Demigod?

2. How old Helena Sandsmark?

3. Is Traci Thirteen Asian or Caucasian? The reason I'm asking this is that her concept art at Comic-Con makes her look more like the latter.

4. How cruel are the Lords of Chaos'? Do they get a nice kick of seeing mortals from different planets killing each other?

5. In Denial, Klarion mentions Nabu as an "old fart". Does this mean the latter is far older than the former?

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Adam Ahmed writes...

Hello Mr. Weisman,
I just watched Spiderman Homecoming, and many incidents within the movie reminded me A LOT of your beautiful work of the Spectacular Spiderman. I re-watched the entire series again! I love the action, comedy, irony, romance implemented in the series! Needless to say all of us fans of spidey are disappointed of the circumstances, but I want to how will us fans of your work move on from it since we want to see this series revive again? Literally all I see on YouTube are clips from the series and viewers commenting how much they want it back ( and so do I..I am even cried). And also how are your colleagues ( crew members) from Spectacular Spiderman series are doing?
I just want to thank you for creating such an amazing show back in 2008 as many more writers are inspired from your work, and I hope and I hope there will many more work from you

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Durkmenistan writes...

What are the names of the following characters' species?:
a. Boka
b. Primat
c. Solovar
d. Wolf

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Durkmenistan writes...

What are the names of the following characters' species?:
a. Mongul
b. Monkey (S1E21, Image)
c. Tribune
d. Ultra-Humanite
e. Vartox

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Durkmenistan writes...

What are the names of the following characters' species?:
a. Icon
b. Kylstar
c. Lobo
d. M. Mallah
e. Maxima

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Durkmenistan writes...

What are the names of the following characters' species?:
a. Alanna, Sardath and other Rannians (is this a demonym, an ethnonym or a species name?)
b. Despero
c. Draaga
d. Galet Dasim
e. Gorilla Grodd (there are two gorilla species)

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Durkmenistan writes...

1) What gender (if any) does Ultra-Humanite identify as?
2) Can M. Mallah or Ultra-Humanite speak? If so, can they speak any human languages?
3) Of the non-human Genomorphs, how many of the different breeds constitute different species?
4) Can any non-human Genomorphs reproduce via "natural" means?

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Durkmenistan writes...

What are the "real" names of the following heroes?:
a. Crimson Avenger
b. Doctor Occult
c. Hourman
d. Rose Psychic

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Durkmenistan writes...

Hi Greg!

I realize some of these questions may be spoiler requests, so I'd really appreciate it if you could answer any parts of the questions that you can.
If Outsiders has aired or started airing, could you please include information up to whatever date it currently is in series, as opposed to 07/05/16 (Endgame, S2E20)?

1) Can you confirm or deny, and hopefully correct, the numbering for the following heroes/villains sharing noms-de-guerre?
2) For heroes/villains missing their other names, could you please provide them?
3) For any heroes/villains who were missed in numbering (such as another Kid Flash between Wally and Bart), could you provide their numbers and names?
4) If there any other heroes/villains sharing noms-de-guerre that you're aware of, could you please share their noms-de-guerre, numbering and names?
5) Would you define Doctor Fate as the nom-de-guerre for Nabu, or for his hosts? Your response to this may affect the list below.

Flash I - Jay Garrick
Flash II - Barry Allen
Green Lantern I - Alan Scott
Green Lantern II - Hal Jordan
Green Lantern III - Guy Gardner
Green Lantern IV - John Stewart
Black Canary I - Dinah Drake (Lance)
Black Canary II - Dinah Lance
Atom I - ?
Atom II - Ray Palmer
Blue Beetle I - Dan Garrett
Blue Beetle II - Ted Kord
Blue Beetle III - Jaime Reyes

Robin I - Dick Grayson
Robin II - Jason Todd
Robin III - Tim Drake
Kid Flash I - Wally West
Kid Flash II - Impulse
Guardian I - Jim Harper
Guardian II - Jim Harper
Guardian III - Mal Duncan

Firebrand I - ?
Firebrand II - Danette Reilly / Red Inferno

Icicle I - ?
Icicle II - Cameron Mahkent

Thank you for your help!
By the time you read this, Outsiders will probably already be out, but best of luck!

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Mike writes...

Where there any plans during the production of the Avalon world tour for the travelers to wear outfits from the London, Mayan and the ishimura clans?

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Marvelman writes...

It occurs to me that I repeated a question you had already answered. I asked why some villains work with the Light even though the Light may not be working towards their best interests. Your original response was something like: not everyone understands what the Light's motives are. Sorry for the repeated question.

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L writes...

I want to get the Audio Play of "Rain of the Ghosts"...but it's impossible to get if you don't own a credit card or are from outside of the US...is there a chance to sell it on Amazon? (it would solve your problem with low sale rates if it were just easier to buy it)

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Jack Carpenter writes...

What's the smartest observation that you've ever seen a fan make about one of your shows?

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boopbopbeep writes...

Out of curiosity: what do you think the members of the original team from Young Justice majored in, assuming they went to college. Like, what does Dick and/or Wally or Roy plan on majoring in/studying?

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Dot. writes...

I want to start off by saying Im a big fan of your work and I cant wait for Season 3 of YJ!

One thing I've noticed in regards to Young Justice is that there aren't any new characters (characters that haven't already appeared in the comics). I can only think of two other DC tv shows off the top of my head that have introduced a new character. Batman Animated Series (If I remember correctly, Harley was introduced for that tv show) and The Batman (Because I know Cash and Krank weren't in the comics) So I know it isn't completely out of the ordinary for a tv show to introduce a new character. But as far as I know, Young Justice hasn't released a new character.

So here's my question. Are you guys just not allowed to introduce new characters, you guys decided to stay within the limits of the already set DC Universe, or both.
If I'm wrong and there has been a new character you guys introduced then which one (s) are they?

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Ruman Hassan writes...

Hi Mr. W, I've been a big fan of Young Justice since I was 12 (I'm currently 16) I really love your work on Young Justice and I was wondering if all the original voice actors/actresses will be back for season 3. If that question was a spoiler than my backup question is, what was your most memorable moment from working on Young Justice.
Thank you for reading x Ruman

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Lea Teresa Sutherland writes...

How do gargoyles mate ritualistically? I am writing a story and I want to use it in my fanfiction on how they mate. Is it like humans or is there a whole ceremony?

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