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Anon writes...

How close is season 3 to the one you and Brandon had initially thought of when Invasion ended? Pretty close, nothing like it, or somewhere in the middle?

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Kevin writes...

In the Young Justice universe do gods such as Zeus and Isis use magic or is it just energy based powers that are their own and is just perceived as such?

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Harrigan writes...

Did Garfield live at mount justice for most of the years of the five year gape between young justice and young justice invasion ?

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Guy Bracha writes...

How old Aquaman and Mera was when they became husband and wife?

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Marvelman writes...

1) As of Invasion, is Miss Martian able to read peoples minds without them being aware of it? Was it a lack of skill that prevented her from doing so in season one, or is it just not how her power works?

2) Can J'onn read peoples minds without them being aware of it?

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Marvelman writes...

What are Brandon's responsibilities on YJ, specifically? What does his job consist of?

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Josh writes...

Hi Greg. When Uncle Ben appeared in Peter's mind to help him fight the symbiote, was that Peter's mind manifesting as someone he loved, or was Uncle Ben really helping Peter from beyond the grave?

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Luthor writes...

I remember reading your mini run with The Amazing Spider-man.

Would you be open to doing a one off comic. I'd love to see you do something with Superman and Batman in the comics, like a fun one off. Like Max Landis does

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Anonymous writes...

1. Did Green Arrow ever go on a cross-country road trip with Hal Jordan?
2. How long have Vandal Savage and Klarion known each other?
3. How old is Starro?
4. Where did Psimon get his powers?
5. Where did Brick get his powers?

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Anonymous writes...

1. Where did Red Tornado get the key to the Tower of Fate?
2. Why did Red Tornado just happen to have the key on his person? Was he going to investigate by himself?
3. Is Icicle Jr. technically a metahuman?
4. Did Captain Cold ever form the Rogues?
5. Why did Kid Flash run the heart across America instead of the Flash, who is exponentially faster and could have done it in less time?

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