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CuriousKorean writes...

Mr. Greg Weisman,

this is not a question, I just would like to recommend three books to you if you want to understand Korean culture and Korean stories. I apologize if this is unwanted information. Maybe I am already telling you what you know.

Barbara DeMick has written Nothing to Envy.

The Cleanest Race by Myers will be relevant because of the Pukhan clan's location...probably. I think.

Most of all, for the mythology,

Ilyeon (2006) Overlooked Historical Records of the Three Korean Kingdoms, translated by Kim Dal-Yong. Jimoondang: Seoul, Korea. ISBN 89-88095-94-4
Ilyon (1972; 2006) Samguk Yusa: Legends and History of the Three Kingdoms of Ancient Korea, translated by Tae-Hung Ha and Grafton K. Mintz. Yonsei University Press: Seoul, Korea. ISBN 1-59654-348-5

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CuriousKorean writes...

Dear Mr. Greg Weisman,

Korea and Japan have very ancient blood ties and cultural relationships even if often we fought. Our two cultures and philosophies have a lot in common. Buddhism came to Japan through Korea, and Buddhism shaped a lot of bushido although that was not the only part.

Do any connections in genetics or in cultural contact exist between the Ishimura clan and the Pukhan clan?

I apologize if this is a spoiler request.

Warm regards.

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CuriousKorean writes...

Dear Mr. Greg Weisman,

though I am no longer in Korea I am homesick for my old country and I cherish its old stories and old folk tales. Rhelasia is in YJ but it is not the same because, I feel it is a stand-in for modern Korea, not Korea's past. So far anyways. I am sorry if my personal interpretation is offending you in any way.

the gargoyles wiki and the Pukhan Clan (we now would say Bukhan) archives I read carefully first. It appearing that nobody has to have asked about the Korean clan of gargoyles in more than 6 years.

The specific Korean legends that Mr. Frank Paur told you are not specified. Very few details are given. I do not know what part of my ancestoral mythology is being involved. I have questions about how the Korean clan and its relationships to Korean history and modern Korea happened but I don't ask for them to be asked now.

Please, I am curious to know what Korean legends exactly were related to you by Mr. Paur. Can you at least give us the gist or the theme of the story, or the legendary punchline? Many of the old stories are moral fables.

Or give any information about the Korean clan you feel like sharing, what makes their culture different with regards to other gargoyle cultures.

It is OK if you do not want to share anything. I have one more question but i will make it a separate post in case I break any of the rules by mistake.

My best regards to you and your great work.

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Anonymous writes...

I was wondering if the was more planned for Disney's Bonkers, had it gone the original route with Miranda Wright as his partner from the start?

I even did a video speculating on this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0BxNcKCHQk

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Dave writes...

Regarding Spectacular Spider-Man (I don't know if you still take these questions but I'm gonna try), I've seen reviewers talk about how season one talks about Consequences, while season two is about Change and maturity, I would only like to know if there is some sort of pattern to these themes, like if both of them are part of stages of some sort of human development or anything, and also what themes would you like to have incorporated in the following seasons.

I don't know if this is a previous answered question but after searching through the archives I wasn't able to find one.

Thank you, love all your work and hope you have a good day.

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Robert Rosevelt writes...

What happen Garfield's pet monkey after Marie death?

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Becky writes...

Does Beast Boy know Nightwing was the first hero robin ?

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Anon writes...

How close is season 3 to the one you and Brandon had initially thought of when Invasion ended? Pretty close, nothing like it, or somewhere in the middle?

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Kevin writes...

In the Young Justice universe do gods such as Zeus and Isis use magic or is it just energy based powers that are their own and is just perceived as such?

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Harrigan writes...

Did Garfield live at mount justice for most of the years of the five year gape between young justice and young justice invasion ?

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