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Greg Bishansky writes...

Lately I've been thinking of a villain trope that is decades (if not centuries) old. The maniacal laugh or the evil laugh. When used properly, I love it. When not, it can be hammy, over the top, and out of character.

Several of the villains you've written over the years have used it, and many haven't.

Off the top of my head, Thailog comes to mind first. And I wouldn't want Thailog without it. Granted, I sometimes wonder where he picked it up. It definitely wasn't from Xanatos. And while Sevarius might be hammy, I don't recall him doing it.

Hyena also has a maniacal laugh, and given her name (and personality) it definitely suits her.

The Archmage had a maniacal laugh.

Demona laughed maniacally three or four times. But it's not a trait we normally associate with her.

And let us not forget the Green Goblin in "Spectacular Spider-Man". I think he was the only villain on the show to have one. Likewise, I recall Nerissa doing it on "W.I.T.C.H." at least once.

The Joker aside, I do not recall any of the villains on "Young Justice" doing it. Any of them. Maybe I'm misremembering, it's been a while since I watched through the show, but I am struggling to remember and coming up blank.

Which leads to me to ask. Is the maniacal laugh a dated relic? Especially as we expect supervillains to be more sophisticated in our dramatic fiction, superhero or otherwise.

For example, in "Transformers", the classic Megatron used to laugh maniacally all the time. All the time. More modern takes on Megatron have done away with the maniacal laugh.

I love it, don't get me wrong, but should villains still be doing it. If we ever get more "Gargoyles", I definitely want Thailog to continue doing it. But, had Thailog made his debut in the year 2017, would I still want him doing it?

You have gotten the chance to create your own great supervillains as well as write many of the classic and iconic supervillains. Right now, what are your thoughts on the villainous laugh?

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Bobby Beerthiaume writes...

Why did Garfield only become Miss Martian's adopted brother yeas after his mom's death and not soon after his mom died ?

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Martin Olson writes...

Was it a orphanage or foster home were Garfield Logan live at after the killing of MARIE LOGAN before became a resident of mount justice ?

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Hilton Feinsten writes...

MISTER GREG why do you say that the events that happen in five year gap between young justice and young justice invasion are spoilers ?

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Jesse writes...

Was Garfield at his post January 16 2011 marie death home when m'gann arrive for new visit to Garfield sine December 1 2010 visit ?

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MCdERMITT writes...


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Calleigh taylor writes...

What kind of things did m'gann and Garfield do together after his mom died before he live at mount justice how they allow to do them ?

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Cody Reed writes...

What was the date beast boy became a member of the team ?

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Robert writes...

M'gann was 48 earth years old when she first met Garfield. Was M'GANN 50 earth years old or 51 earth years old or 52 earth earth years old when Garfield was allowed to begin living at the mount justice ?

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Webber writes...

Did Garfield help Megan Morse and Conner celebrate them finishing happy harbor school in 2012 ? Was Miss Martian

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