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Wray Linstromb writes...

Did Megan Morse become the guardian of Garfield logan before all of his skin and hair turn green ?

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Zuniga writes...

When Garfield Logan came to mount justice for the first time was he under megan morse's guardianship by that point ?

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ATHERN GREEN writes...


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Airbnb writes...

What year did Miss Martian show Garfield Logan her white martian form ?

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Anon writes...

Random question: you've discussed religious affiliations of a few characters in the past right? I was wondering: of the original team, (Dick, Wally, Kaldur, Conner, M'Gann) how many believe in God? Of those who do, what are their religions? Thanks!

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Huma writes...

After Garfield's eyes turn green did his hair turn green next or did his skin turn green next ?

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Borrell writes...

What year the original members of the team learn martian's age slower than humans ?

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COLLIN writes...


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Allie JR writes...

Why did person who took care of Garfield after him mom died before Garfield live at mount justice not want to keep Garfield when his skin or hair turn green ?

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Mueller writes...


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Greg Bishansky writes...

Lately I've been thinking of a villain trope that is decades (if not centuries) old. The maniacal laugh or the evil laugh. When used properly, I love it. When not, it can be hammy, over the top, and out of character.

Several of the villains you've written over the years have used it, and many haven't.

Off the top of my head, Thailog comes to mind first. And I wouldn't want Thailog without it. Granted, I sometimes wonder where he picked it up. It definitely wasn't from Xanatos. And while Sevarius might be hammy, I don't recall him doing it.

Hyena also has a maniacal laugh, and given her name (and personality) it definitely suits her.

The Archmage had a maniacal laugh.

Demona laughed maniacally three or four times. But it's not a trait we normally associate with her.

And let us not forget the Green Goblin in "Spectacular Spider-Man". I think he was the only villain on the show to have one. Likewise, I recall Nerissa doing it on "W.I.T.C.H." at least once.

The Joker aside, I do not recall any of the villains on "Young Justice" doing it. Any of them. Maybe I'm misremembering, it's been a while since I watched through the show, but I am struggling to remember and coming up blank.

Which leads to me to ask. Is the maniacal laugh a dated relic? Especially as we expect supervillains to be more sophisticated in our dramatic fiction, superhero or otherwise.

For example, in "Transformers", the classic Megatron used to laugh maniacally all the time. All the time. More modern takes on Megatron have done away with the maniacal laugh.

I love it, don't get me wrong, but should villains still be doing it. If we ever get more "Gargoyles", I definitely want Thailog to continue doing it. But, had Thailog made his debut in the year 2017, would I still want him doing it?

You have gotten the chance to create your own great supervillains as well as write many of the classic and iconic supervillains. Right now, what are your thoughts on the villainous laugh?

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Bobby Beerthiaume writes...

Why did Garfield only become Miss Martian's adopted brother yeas after his mom's death and not soon after his mom died ?

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Martin Olson writes...

Was it a orphanage or foster home were Garfield Logan live at after the killing of MARIE LOGAN before became a resident of mount justice ?

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Hilton Feinsten writes...

MISTER GREG why do you say that the events that happen in five year gap between young justice and young justice invasion are spoilers ?

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Jesse writes...

Was Garfield at his post January 16 2011 marie death home when m'gann arrive for new visit to Garfield sine December 1 2010 visit ?

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MCdERMITT writes...


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Calleigh taylor writes...

What kind of things did m'gann and Garfield do together after his mom died before he live at mount justice how they allow to do them ?

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Cody Reed writes...

What was the date beast boy became a member of the team ?

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Robert writes...

M'gann was 48 earth years old when she first met Garfield. Was M'GANN 50 earth years old or 51 earth years old or 52 earth earth years old when Garfield was allowed to begin living at the mount justice ?

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Webber writes...

Did Garfield help Megan Morse and Conner celebrate them finishing happy harbor school in 2012 ? Was Miss Martian

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Starsavier writes...

Why did M'gann who poses as megan morse take Garfield to Conner's birthday parties ?

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Lilly writes...

So I'm not super familiar with the comics, but I do remember that Tim Drakes dad was alive for a bit while he was Robin, and Bruce only takes him in after his father is killed.
1) is that the same in the show?
2) if so, is Tims dad still alive during season 2, or is he adopted by Bruce by now?
3) was dick closer to Jason or Tim?
4)did Tim ever meet Jason?

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Jane~ writes...

Hi Greg! So happy YJs getting a season 3; Was super bummed when it was cancelled, but I'm glad y'all are getting a chance to properly finish it. Do you have plans for more seasons after 3, or are y'all planning on wrapping things up this season?
I think the inclusion of static was one of my favorite things in season 2, I watched the hell out of Static Shock as a kid. Sorry if this is spoilery, but how similar is Virgils family life in YJ compared to SS? He mentions a sister, but what else is there? Is his friend Richie gonna show up? Sorry if you didn't watch the show and I'm just babbling like a dweeb XD
Lastly, Nightwings a bit of a ladies man right? Does batman have any feelings about it? Like, has he ever actively disapproved or encouraged him not to date, especially when it was with a teammate or when he was younger, or was he mostly ok as long as it didn't get in the way of things?
Ok I'm done now, thank you for your time, sorry if this was rambly or someone had already asked. But I'm super excited for s3 next year!!

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Dougls Kenney writes...

What year did Miss Martian finally stop vising Garfield Logan after the killing of Marie Logan ?

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Adam Maccallum writes...


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Gerald Ketchmun writes...

How many visits did M'gann made to visit Garfield from 2011 to 2014 before he begin living at the cave ?

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Eake Yohn writes...

What was the the year when Megan Morse became Garfield's guardian was it 2012 or 2013 or 2014?

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Rozie writes...

What was Garfield's age when he got those toy dinosaurs ?

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Sullivan writes...

Why did Garfield only a picture of his mon and not a also a picture of the adult or adults that took care of him were Miss Martian visit him after his mom died before he live at the cave ?

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Finkel writes...

Did Garfield replace the destroy picture of his mother that was lost when mount just blew up if how ?

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Scalise writes...

Why did Garfield brine those toy dinosaurs with him when to the cave when he started living at the cave ?

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King_Joey_3rd writes...

1. Does magical "affinity" in Young Justice mean that your body can better handle the strain of the mystic energy being channeled through it?

2. If that's the case then does that explain why Giovanni and Zatanna can cast spells without a conduit? Because they have such a high/strong magical affinity?

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King_Joey_3rd writes...

What's the name of Icon's alien species?

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King_Joey_3rd writes...

Dear Mr. Weisman,

I am a fan of your work who frequents this forum and has studied your work thoroughly. I was looking for information to further my understanding and therefore enjoyment of your work on Young Justice. I tried to find the answer to this question but I could not find any response. I am really, really not trying to nit-pick here but this is something that has been bothering me for a while now.

You were once asked "Do you regard Young Justice's magic as following the same "rules" as Gargoyles's, or did you right it differently?" your very cool response was " More or less." In the Gargoyle series it was necessary for human sorcerer to use a "conduit" in order to generate or summon the mystic energy necessary for casting spells. In contrast The Third Race, who were magical beings, could generate mystic energy of their own, but not without limit.

I understand that Klarion and Dr. Fate are magical beings, that can channel mystic energy from another plane of existence into our world through a physical "anchor." Wotan, Felix Faust, and Blackbriar Thorn are all sorcerers that have lived long enough to figure out a way to general/summon/channel mystic energy without to much trouble and the Atlanteans summon/generate mystic energy via their mystic skin icons that also assist in channeling these energies.

1. My question is how is it that the Zatara family members, Giovanni and his daughter Zatanna, are able to summon mystic energy without the use of a conduit? Wizard used a magic wand and Giovanni used a wand on several occasions is season one but Zatanna is constantly casting spells seemingly with words alone.

2. Are they using a conduit we cannot see?

3. Are they somehow magical in nature?

4. Are they somehow just so talented and physically strong that they are able to endure the bodily strain of conducting mystic energy through themselves without a conduit like The Magus did on Avalon? I would think that that would be extremely exhausting even considering they're younger than The Magus was at the time of his death.

5. Could you please explain magical "affinity?" At this point I am running off of the assumption that it means natural-born talent for magic.

I just want to know what's happening. I'm sorry if the magical beings question counts as a spoiler, but I think it is valid in this case.

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Genrie writes...

Witch of Conner's birthdays did Garfield not attend was it Conner's 2011 birth day or 2012 birthday or 2013 birthday or 2014 birthday ?

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Kustoff writes...

What was the event in the five year time skip that cause Garfield 's animal shape changing powers to appear ?

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Pergram Tarlov writes...

How could Miss Martian maintain her friendship with Garfield during the years he did not live at the cave if she visited him only a few times each year in after Marie logan death?

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Bullie Hemingay writes...

Did the justice league or Bruce Wane arrange for Garfield to live at the place he live after his mom died before he live at the cave ?

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Pounders writes...

Had Garfield been to uncle john's Chicago apartment before his skin became fully green ? Did Garfield every feel out of place being around members of the team before he got shape shifting power ?

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Spacey writes...

Did Garfield ever wanted M'gann to stop coming to seeing him before during the years before his skin turn green ?

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Anonymous writes...

Why in season 2 episode 7 when Wally and Artemis kissed Nightwing looked away? But not just looked away he looked surprised and then looked away with a frown.

Listen I know you don't try make traught a thing but some of the things you put on the show making us believe Dick likes Artemis. Just go to a fan page or tumblr and you'll see so many proves of this ship.

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Shapiro writes...

Did Garfield and Megan Morse get into a disagreement on one of her visit to him and she stop seeing him for a period of time in the five year time skip ?

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Jasen Brown writes...

Did Garfield's hair or skin turn green first in young justice timeline ? By the end of young justice invasion do any member of the team other than Miss Martian know martian live longer than humans ?

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DanielleTaylor writes...

Did it take the young justice beast boy more than a year to learn how to use his shape shapeshifting ability before he was allowed to join the team ?

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Wiliam writes...

Greg do plan that Miss Martian will outlive all of her human teammates in young justice universe ?

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Ray Cox writes...

Did Garfield spin thanksgiving or Christmas with M'gann after his mom died but before he lived at the mount justice cave ?

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Gloria writes...

Did Garfield cry every time when M'gann finish her visits with him after Marie WAS KILLED ?

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Agnes Mendoza writes...

How come Miss Martian and Garfield have strong sibling bond in season two when she only adopted him as a brother two years early in 2014 that was three years after his mom death ? How did Miss Martian learn Garfield's skin had turn Green ?

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Toho Maki writes...

By the time Bumblebee join the team was the was the boy Garfield living in mount justice ?

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TERRENCE Jenkins writes...

Why did Garfield want meet the new members of the team like the two marvels on the team and superhero bumble bee soon after they join the team if he did not think he would superhero and a member of the team some day ?

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