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RevivalofG writes...

Hey Greg!

I am one of Gargoyles fans and I think that it is timeto make a movie. I know you have talked about it already but there is something else I would like to propose. We should collect as many signatures as possible for gargoyles to return and also collect sigantures for the live action movie. Would you be interested? I think that we as fans could push Disney to do something about it, to show them that we really deserve a live action movie of Gargoyles. I am not asking if it is possible. I am asking if you are with us?

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Olson writes...

When did M'gann started to view or treat Garfield as a brother ?

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Apollo writes...

After Megan Morse became Garfield's guardian did Garfield go to happy harbor school for a time before being home school at mount justice ?

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Bob writes...

Hey Greg, just wondering your opinion on the last Jedi? The response is polarizing and me personally, I loved it aside from a few scenes where I'd edit out a line of dialogue out.

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TheKingofWinter writes...

not sure if this is asking for spoilers, given i have no idea how far your plans for how you would feature the gargoyles version of atlantis in story, but here goes.

How far did the atlantean empire stretch in the gargoyles universe before the continent fell into the sea, and was the continent located west of africa like the the original legends go, or was it somewhere else?

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Mohammad writes...

Hey Greg,
I hope all is well~ <3
I just finished The Spectacular Spider man and I can't sleep anymore, my heart aches because of how the show was left off, especially when I enjoyed it so much. It just fills me with negative emotions every time I look at one of Disneys Spiderman cartoon shows knowing well enough that it won't ever be as good as Spectacular Spiderman. I know I won't get any closure no matter what I do. But I do have questions.
My few questions are:
1) How much of Spectacular Spiderman did you write after the end of season 2?
2) Were any of season 3 of Spectacular Spiderman episodes animated?
3) Will you ever work on another Spiderman animated series? Or any other marvel super hero cartoon show?
I just want to add that the way Spectacular Spiderman was created, it was amazing. The character development, the fight scenes, the drama, and of course, the theme song. They were all just perfect. I enjoyed the series greatly but anxiety kept getting stronger every time an episode ended.

Thank you so much for The Spectacular Spiderman, it was great~ <3

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Popstickal writes...

Hi Greg! I'm a HUGE fan of YJ (Congrats on Season Three, sorry if we bothered you too much about it!). I have two questions, but I'm only really expecting one answer.

1- Does Wally West have ADHD? He has a few signs of it (obvious hyperactivity, hyperfocusing on science, often acting immature, sometimes not understanding things, being very impulsive, etc) and I see at lot of myself in him as a person with ADHD.

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Anonymous writes...

Hi Greg! I'm so excited for Season 3, can't wait to see what you create!
I've got two questions for you:

1) For how long had the original team known Robin I/Nightwing's secret identity as Dick Grayson by the time Season 2 started?
2) Did Roy know Robin's secret identity in Season 1?

Thanks and good luck with production!

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Smith Neo writes...

What was Garfield Logan's A designation ? Garfield's B designation was B19.

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Britton writes...

Why does Beast Boy in season two have miss Martian's mount justice bedroom she had in season one ? If she gave it to him when he move into the cave then question is why ?

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