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Graham T. writes...

Topic: Phoenix Gate and time travel to the future

In regards to Gargoyles 2198, we know the Phoenix Gate cannot allow someone to change the past as it is part of the history, but how would the Phoenix Gate and time travel work if someone from the present were to go to the future?

During planning, were there problems with figuring out how Brooklyn's presence in 2198 would relate to his "historical self" (either "disappeared" when the Gate took him; the "historical Brooklyn" never time-travelled), or did you always have it in mind that time-travel to the future from the present was also immutable - Brooklyn factus erit iam illud (Brooklyn already shall have done that)?

P.S. I apologize in advance if my Latin is off.

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Anonymous writes...

In the comics Miss Martian gave her story as to how she got to earth, part of which we know was a lie. Later speedy said that she stowed away on manhunters ship. Is speedy completely right, or is what actually happened something between the two stories? And if speedy is right, how did he find out/know?

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Vegeta fan writes...

When Miss Martian visit Garfield after mom died was it orphanage or foster home Garfield was living at the time ?

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Kissel writes...

What kind of things did M'gann and Garfield do together after his mom died before Garfield live at the cave ?

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LF García writes...

Greetings, Mr. Weisman:
I´ve been trying to get the Young Justice comicbooks but they´re very expensive. With the show returning, is there any possibility of affordable reprints?

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Ossefo writes...

Did Miss martian have to ask permission to become Garfield's guardian ? And if so who did M'gann have to ask for permission to become Garfield's guardian?

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Matthew writes...

This isn't a question, but a word of encouragement.
Whatever happens in the future with a return of "Gargoyles", I'm very much interested and looking forward to getting back into it.
I don't care if it's comic books or TV. Having anything new is all that matters, whatever form it may be. So, I'm glad to know that you haven't and won't give up on it, and that there might be more on the way.
It's been a while since I watched the show, but I just got it on DVD since the rest of season 2 (finally!) was released.

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Warren writes...

First of all, I wanted to say I'm a huge fan of your work on the shows Rebels and Spectacular Spider-Man. Now, I wanted to ask what was the reason behind Eddie Brock's look in Spectacular? I always thought he stood out from the rest of characters somehow. I'd greatly appreciate if you could go as in depth as possible. Thanks for giving us such masterpieces and have a merry christmas.

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Hayden writes...

Will the complete young justice timeline be revel if all future seasons of the young justice you Mister Greg plan for the show to have are produce ?

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Anonymous writes...

Is David Hyde the real name of Black Manta in the Young Justice cartoon...?

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