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Albeden the thrird writes...

How often did Miss Martian visit Garfield after his mom died ?

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Stewart writes...

What is the lifespan of members of Halkman and halkwoman race ?

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Nimiz writes...

Why did Garfield Logan still like superheroes after Miss Martian didn't come back to Marie and Garfield Logan to warn them or stop Queen Bee killing his mom in 2011 ?

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Baio writes...

What was the month M'gann find out Marie Logan was dead? How did M'gann find out Marie was dead ? How did M'gann find out were Garfield was living after his mom died ? What was the month M'gann found out the location Garfield was living at after his mom died ?

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DigidragonX writes...

Hey Greg greetings from Mexico.
First of all I just wanted to tell you that your work call it Spectacular Spiderman, Young Justice (That just got released here in netflix after quite a bit without any re-runs in cartoon network), Max Steel, etc. Is very beloved by many here in Mexico, you have been the inspiration of many including me and I just wanted to thank you.
Well I dragged the questions a bit so here I go
1. Will we see characters like Perdita, Secret or The new gods ever again?
2. If you saw the new animated spiderman movie trailer what did you think of it?
3. What was your reaction when DC reached to you and told you about resurrecting YJ?

Sorry if I had any spelling errors

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Taha writes...

Would you be interested in working on the upcoming Carmen Sandiego series if you were approached? (And you weren't already busy with the new Young Justice season?)

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Marvelman writes...

Hi, Greg. I hope you are well. This is a follow up to an earlier question about what not to say while working in the entertainment business.

Would you say that it is best not to publicize your political opinions while working in the entertainment business - especially if they go against the mainstream? Would you suffer some kind of retribution if higher-ups don't like what you have to say?

Let me give you two examples. They are my examples, everyone. I am not saying Greg even has an opinion on either of these issues. Let's say you disagree with Israel's treatment of the Palestinians and say so on an online forum - not as an employee of Warner Bros. but as a private citizen. Or, let's say you think corporations have too much power over the U.S. government and that corporate donations to political campaigns ought to be banned.

Would publicly expressing such opinions be a career ending move? Should you limit such discussions to friends and family?

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Graham T. writes...

Topic: Gargoyle Biology

Question 1: Given the Gargoyles' wings are like bat or bird wings, nor noticeably have a smaller pair of hands, could there possibly have been a Gargate species that existed with two sets of arms, instead of a pair of arms and a pair of wings?

Question 2: Given the immense diversity between Gargoyle appearances, including the Loch Ness clan being semi-amphibious, do Gargoyles have a high genetic mutation rate or a special genetic adaptivity depending on the environment?

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Graham T. writes...

Topic: Phoenix Gate and time travel to the future

In regards to Gargoyles 2198, we know the Phoenix Gate cannot allow someone to change the past as it is part of the history, but how would the Phoenix Gate and time travel work if someone from the present were to go to the future?

During planning, were there problems with figuring out how Brooklyn's presence in 2198 would relate to his "historical self" (either "disappeared" when the Gate took him; the "historical Brooklyn" never time-travelled), or did you always have it in mind that time-travel to the future from the present was also immutable - Brooklyn factus erit iam illud (Brooklyn already shall have done that)?

P.S. I apologize in advance if my Latin is off.

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Anonymous writes...

In the comics Miss Martian gave her story as to how she got to earth, part of which we know was a lie. Later speedy said that she stowed away on manhunters ship. Is speedy completely right, or is what actually happened something between the two stories? And if speedy is right, how did he find out/know?

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