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Perry writes...

What was the month when megan morse became the guardian of Garfield Logan ?

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Joel writes...

How did Malcolm find out that Karen was bumblebee ?

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Beymer writes...

Was the human adult that was taking care of the boy Garfield Logan when Miss Martian visit Garfield after Marie Logan died was kind or unkind to Garfield ? Was this person that took care of Garfield after his mom killed dead or alive when Megan Morse became Garfield's guardian ?

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Haslinda writes...

Who saw Miss Martian visiting Garfield in the year 2011 ?

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Girdharadas writes...

Why did Garfield Logan wanted Miss Martian keep visting Garfield IN 2011 IF HE KNEW SHE HAD NO PLANS TO TAKE HIM WERE SHE LIVED ? this after she visited his after mom died .

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Toobin writes...

Did person who was taking care Garfield when Miss MARTIAN visit Garfield knew Megan Morse was visiting Garfield ?

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Anonymous writes...

In the Haly's circus YJ episode, was parasite working independently? Would his stolen heat vision and flight go away when superboy used up the shield he had been wearing? And did robin get in trouble for the mission, or did batman not find out.

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Ruhle writes...

Why did garfield still want m'gann to visit him in 2011 when knew she intension of taking him home with her after his mom was kill ?

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O'keefe writes...

Why did not m'gann try to avenge marie logan's death in 2011 ?

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superman fan writes...


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