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Kovo JR writes...

Does young justice Miss Martian expect she will outlive all of her human teammates on the team do the fact members of her species age slower and can live longer than humans ?

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Brindia writes...

How was M'gann allowed to become Garfield's guardian before she was the biological equivalent of a 18 year old a age she didn't reach until the year 2016 ?

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Arakawa writes...

Why did Megan Morse who is in realty Miss Martian choose to study for a college degree since she can live for at least a another two hundred more years ?

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Bolduan writes...

How did Queen bee get into Garfield's bedroom without no one seeing her enter his bedroom in episode Image ?

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Dearka writes...

How did THE villain Queen Bee know the team was at the Logan family home in episode image after Miss Martian use Queen Bee's form in episode Image ?

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Howard writes...

Why the justice league not punish Miss Martian in 2011 after marie died ? Miss Martian commited the crime of criminal negligence by not warning Garfield and his mon that queen bee might attack them because knock queen bee out in episode Unusual Subsects . Miss Martian knew queen bee knew Miss Martian connection to the Logan family at the end of episode Image. Queen Bee was in Garfield 's room at the end of the episode image .

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YJ Fan writes...

Why are most of the questions here about Garfield? He's not even an OG character, I would like to know what jobs Artemis and Wally were going to get after their degrees. He was studying Physics and she was doing a double-major in Human Biology and Comparative Literature. What were they trying to get into with those degrees?

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King_Joey_3rd writes...

Dear Mr. Wiesman,

You once responded to a question with: Relative to a normal human, yes. Less than a Kryptonian or an Atlantean or an Amazon, but more than a typical human. Of course, it also depends on what form him or her is in and thus the current level of his or her density."

This was a question about Martian super strength.

1. You already stated that atlanteans have super strength ranging from "undetected" to Aquaman level strength (I'm assuming the word undetectable is what was intended for that statement). So my question is can the same be said for the Amazons or is Wonder Woman the only Amazon with super strength do to her unique origin?

I'm only asking because it varies from story to story and the way you said it suggests that all Amazons have some degree of super strength. However it also seemingly suggest that all Atlanteans have some degree of super strength too and Atlanteans with "undetected" (I'm assuming the word undetectable was intended) are basically at surface dwelling human level.

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Chris writes...

Hello Greg. I am curious about Spectacular Spiderman. I know that you have other upcoming projects to focus on, but if Sony were to completely reliquensh all rights for the Webhead including the series and Marvel acquired them, do you believe there would be a chance for you to conclude the series as you planned?

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Casey J. writes...

Why did Miss Martian not take revenge on Queen Bee for Marie Logan's death during the time skip between young justice and young justice invasion ?

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