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Ewing Jr writes...

Did Beast Boy have a bible during the time he live at mount justice since he is a Christion ?

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won writes...

this isnt really a question but. im still blown away that after so long, y'all were finally able to make a season 3 of yj!!! the fact that you and brandon made a world full of characters we all got so sucked into, are still invested in and excited for almost a decade later is amazing. i cant wait to see where outsiders takes us. best wishes to you, brandon and the rest of the cast and crew moving forward!

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Terasaki writes...

Did Marie make someone Garfield's godparent some time after Garfield was born?

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Tunes writes...

Did Noor Harjavti know where Garfield Logan was living at in 2011 after Marie Logan died ?

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Dakota writes...

Mr. Greg Weisman. I just wanna say that I loved spectacular spiderman, gargoyles (as a very young kid) and young justice. Spectacular and young justice have become my favorite cartoons of all time! You sir are awesome and so are your shows

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Anonymous writes...

Hi, I'm a massive fan of yours and I was wondering if there would ever be a possibility of you bringing back the tv series W.I.T.C.H? So many people adored the show and would love if it was brought back to TV.I know you were a producer and it seems like a very long shot, but there is actually a petition with nearly 3000 supporters that are willing to do anything we can to help bring back the show. The show had and still has so many supporters of it and if you could do anything to bring us a third season we would be eternally grateful to you please respond!

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Eddie Frangos writes...

Was there a plan for Oberon and Goliath to patch up the fight they had after the gathering? Also would the children of Oberon get involved during the space Spawn invasion?

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Bishop writes...

Did Garfield know M'gann was attending a high school in 2011 ? It was what she was doing under the name Megan Morse in 2011 .

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Marvelman writes...

Do you still consider the original five living team members to be leads in YJ season 3?

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A happy fan writes...

Just some questions I've been wondering:
1. Did Cheshire kill people while she was pregnant?
2. Could she still kick ass while pregnant?
3. Where did she she give birth to Lian? (You don't have to give the exact place, I just meant like a hospital, safe house, temple, etc.)
4. Can her Mom still kick ass while in the wheelchair?
5. Who was with Cheshire when she gave birth and who knew about Lian before she told Roy?
6. Has Rocket's baby-daddy appeared on the show?
7. If not, was he in the YJ comics or DC comics in general?
8. Would I know this character?
9. How old is Amistad?
10. I read an answer that confirmed that Cheshire recognized Artemis because of her hair color, voice, fighting style, etc. If so, than how come nobody has tried to crack superhero identities (with the exception of Tim Drake) by doing that? Or is there someone or someones with that information?

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