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Atti290 writes...

Regarding martians, i see in this unniverse martians are alive and well... i'm curious what are their numbers, thousands? millions? billions?

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Angela writes...

Hey Mr. Greg,
I was wondering if you have any news on Gargoyles. I know that a comic cinestory was supposed to come out but was cancelled. Are you disappointed or sad because of that?

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Lavinia writes...

Is there any chance in the future for W.I.T.C.H season 3 releasing or anything new about W.I.T.C.H in the future? We, the fans, are very upset because of the canceling of the 3rd season but we are hoping for a new season soon. I will be very thankful if you reply to my massage.
Thank you!

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Misty writes...

Did Garfield meet martian Manhunter for the first the time before or after Garfield started living at the cave ?

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Galladriel writes...

Garfield has the same kind of toys in his mount justice room as her had in his qurac home bedroom in episode image does that mean he has been live at mount justice for years before join as a member of the team ?

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Pham writes...

When did Martian Manhunter accept Garfield as a nephew ?

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Hwang writes...

Did Megan Morse every take Garfield with her when she went shopping during the five year time skip ?

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Patric Andreyko writes...

In what year did M'gann fully embrace or accept Garfield as a brother ?

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Joey Jones writes...

Do to the fact Garfield didn't have the power change into animals not long before Miss Martian giving him the biosuit does it mean Garfield had been live at mount justice for a period of time before every part of his body was green ?

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Blyden writes...

In 2011 Did M'gann go to visit Garfield after his mom died before she and Martian Manhunter scan the mind of Jim Harper a to find out if he still had programing in his mind from Cadmus after he find out he was a clone ?

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