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Hicks writes...

How was megan morse allowed to take Garfield to conner's first birthday in 2011 when she was not his legal guardian at that time ?

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Paulsen writes...

Was Garfield home school during all the period of time he live at mount justice before it was destroyed ?

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Saeed Masri writes...

Did M'gann use her powers to prevent the person that was in charge of the place were Garfield live at after his mom died from letting someone taking Garfield away before M'gann could become his legal guardian because she intended to become his guardian when her megan morse identity became a adult ?

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Brenberg writes...


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Rodrigo writes...

When M'gann begin living on earth in 2010 did she believe she will live as long as her uncle Martian Manhunter has live by 2010 ?

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tercio writes...

Hi Mister Greg. In the universe of Gargoyles there is or there was a clan of gargoyles in Spain?

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Drury writes...

Will Miss Martian some day in future after all her human friends are dead will she stop calling herself as megan more and instead call herself marie logan ?

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Mindy writes...

Did Megan inform Garfield she would become his legal guardian some time before she became his guardian or was a surprise to him ?

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Webb writes...

Why did Garfield not have a picture of dick as nightwing in his mount justice cave bedroom ?

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ScavengerOne writes...

Hello Greg,
Regarding Young Justice:
1-Who gets to name the episodes? You, Brandon or the script writer?
2-Is it a team effort?
3-What's the general process? And what exceptions have been made?

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