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Cibrian writes...

Question 1 Did Garfield cry every time M'gann left after each of her visits with him after his mom died ? Question 2 Did M'gann ever take a member of the team with her with other Conner when she went to visit Garfield and if so who ? Question 3 Did M'gann every visit Garfield by herself ?

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Bruce Ohr writes...

Was Wendy at every one of conner's birthday parties ? Was Garfield at every one of conner's birthday parties if not then why not ?

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Chao Pince writes...

Was Garfield allowed to go out in public for a time after his skin started to turn green because he could hid it under his cloths before he could not hid it any more ?

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Lonegan Mehmet writes...

What year did M'gann first time shapeshifted into a human form on Mars ?

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Tajani writes...

QUESTION 1 Did reporter Clark make to a report on Marie Logan's death for the Daily Planet ? Question 2 Did the news paper say were Garfield was living in 2011 after his mom died ?

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Buttiglione writes...

If superboy and miss martian had a child together would the child age like a human or a kryptonian or a martian ?

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Djotodia writes...

If the young justice Miss Martian some day in the future has children of her on would she raising them on earth or mars ?

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Jusuf Kalla writes...

Did M'gann ever believe she would give birth to children of her own ?

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Eliza Wray writes...

If the young Miss Martian every gives birth to a son of her on will she name the boy Garfield and if miss martian give birth to a girl will she name her marie ?

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Baldwin Falk writes...

Did the boy Garfield begin living at Mount Justice before every part of his body turn green ?

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