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Bream writes...

How come Beast BOY did not figure out clack kent and superman were are the same person with the same face and voice ?

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Sally writes...

Why did the justice league not tell USA government about the group known as THE LIGHT By 2011 ?

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Strathairm writes...

Why did Tim Drake not have a problem with the idea of dating Cassie when he knows her dad is a god ?

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Fenneth writes...

Why and when did MARIE Logan learn of Miss MARTIAN's white martian form ? What was Marie Logan's opinion of Miss MARTIAN WHITE Martian form ?

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Lillard writes...

Why did Miss Martian trust Marie Logan and GARFIELD Logan with her real name as M'gann ?

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Carlos writes...

How soon after Garfield started to shape shifting into animals did he start to shape shift into the human-monkey form he is in during young justice invasion ?

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Vilensky writes...

THIS are Sergeant and Lieutenant Marvel questions What year did they leave the team ? Why did they leave the team ? How did the two Marvels get their powers ? How did they join the team ? Why did they join the team ?

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Anonymous writes...

How did the young justice Megan Morse{M'GANN} get money to pay for her shopping ?

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Manheim writes...

Why did Garfield become a member of the team when he did ?

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Takato writes...

What year did Malcolm begin working for the team ? How Malcolm did find out the team ?

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