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Natalie Mihalek writes...

Why did m'gann not know Garfield wanted to live with her in team year one after his mom was killed ?

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Mcnaughton writes...

Why did M'gann not tell her teammates before the year 2010 had come to a end that martians age much slower than humans ?

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Harris Homan writes...

After meeting Marie and Garfield Logan in episode Image but before Queen bee kill Marie Logan on January 16 2011 did Miss Martin believe she would outlive both Marie Logan and Garfield Logan do to the reality martians age three time slower than humans ?

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Hugh Elwes writes...

How does Miss Martian know how rub Beast Boy's hair in young justice invasion just like his mother Marie Logan RUB GARFIELD'S HAIR IN YOUNG JUSTICE EPISODE IMAGE ?

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Neskoromny Cronenberg writes...

When Garfield Logan found out miss martian was going to become his legal guardian did he ask her why she was choosing take him with to live with her at that point and not take him to live her in 2011 after his mom died and if so what did she say in return ?

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Amjoy writes...

Who allowed Megan Mores or allowed her to become Garfield's legal guardian ?

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Amelia writes...

Who allowed Megan Morse take Garfield to Conner's birthday ?

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Cavuto the Fouth writes...

If Jason Todd join the team as robin before Garfield started living at mount justice then thy does Garfield only have a picture of dick as robin and not picture Jason Todd as robin in his bed room in mount justice ?

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Jr writes...

Did Garfield believe he would live with his blood sister some day after m'gann visit garfield after his mom died ?

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Kitty writes...

Did M'gann and Garfield both knew Queen Bee kill Marie logan before or after M'gann became Garfield legal guardian ?

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