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Anonymous writes...

Hey Greg.
For season 3 of Spectacular Spider-Man, did you have any specific voice actors in mind to voice Carnage and Scorpion?

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A Fan writes...

Just wanted to preface this with how much I enjoy your work and admiration to the comic world! I sincerely love everything you do. That being said..
Are you underwhelmed, whelmed, or overwhelmed for the new season of Young Justice? :)

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Kzzz writes...

Hey Greg congrats on the show getting renewed-
1 Why does Tim Drake use stealth tech in true colors if Dick never used it.
2 Is there a Harley Quinn on earth 16
3 Is grey ghost a TV show in this universe
4 Will every season of the show end with few plot threads unresolved.

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Jillian writes...

Hi Greg! These are a bit of odd questions, but, I figured they might be fun for you to answer:

1. Does the average speedster need a lot more alcohol to get drunk than a normal human would?

2. What college majors are Conner, M'gann, Dick, and/or Karen going for?

3. Even though I doubt you could actually show it on-screen or in the tie-in comic, do things like the Pokémon franchise, the McDonald's restaurant chain, and Marvel Comics exist on Earth-16?

4. Does the United States (or any other given country) have a department dedicated to superhero/supervillain clean-up on Earth-16? Do some insurance plans cover a certain Man of Steel's heat vision accidently frying a chunk of your car, or a stray Green Arrow's arrow littering the facade of a building?

5. Are November 5th and/or 6th mourned (due to the separate adult and children worlds, where you've confirmed lots and lots of people died) on the same level as September 11th, or December 7th?

Hope you liked these! Have an amazing day/night!

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John writes...

You've answered this type of questions about heroes and their public status, so now I'm asking about some villains and their own public status.

1. Were Mister Freeze and Killer Frost public villains by the time of their appearance in "Independence Day"? I figured Captain Cold and Icicle, Jr. were, due to the dialogue throughout those scenes, with Flash and Speedy saying their names in the middle of the confrontation.
2. Before her arrest in Taipei in front of an audience and Cat Grant, was Cheshire a public villain?
3. What about other members of the League of Shadows, like Black Spider, the Hook, and Professor Ojo? (Before there eventual defeat and arrests, that is.)
4. Did villains like Black Manta and Ocean-Master make the news on the surface world, or were they only known in Atlantis?
5. And, last but not least, were any members of the Injustice League not already known by the general public for their villainy before coming out as the Injustice League all across the world?

Thanks in advance for answering, even if they wind up becoming Spoiler Requests (sorry for wasting your time if they do, though!). I'm so excited for Season Three! :)

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Clifton J. writes...

This is a question about the Weird Sisters.

Do the Weird Sisters do everything together? And depending on the answer to that question, how would that affect their romantic life, if they have one anyway? I assume they would as Oberon and Titania have romantic lives, and I've seen an answer from you on here before saying Owen/Puck has one, even if it hasn't been shown.

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Clifton J. writes...

Two, related, questions about Gargoyle biology...kind of:

1. I'm just wondering, does alcohol affect gargoyles the same way it does humans? I mean, can they actually get drunk and hungover?
2. If they can get drunk or hungover, would they need to drink more than humans? Or do their bodies process it differently so that they would actually need to drink less?

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Anonymous writes...

Did the justice league and the team learn Garfield Logan's DNA was change do to the blood miss martian gave to him so he could live before his hair and skin turn green ?

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Anonymous writes...

If miss martian outlive Garfield would she have Garfield's picture's picture of marie logan that was not destroyed when mount justice was blew up and if so why ?

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Anonymous writes...

why did the orphan Garfield agree to megan morse's offer to go to conner's birthday when she would not take him to live with her ?

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