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Tison J writes...

Did Miss Martian think about fact she ages slower than her human friends during season one or in the five year time skip ?

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Rain fan writes...

Let me just start by saying what a great writer you are. When I found out you were going to write a book I was elated. When I heard of your AudioPlay, I was ecstatic. Which is why I was so heartbroken when I read your comments about the Kickstarter experience and how jaded you were about it. More so because that basically means we won't get an AudioPlay for Book 2.

I'm really sorry it didn't work out like you were hoping. I haven't lost hope of you releasing Book 3, however.

A sincere thank you.

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Fangirl writes...

1. Do Artemis and Zatanna still have girls night out? Do they go out with Megan and/or the other girls in the team by the time of YJ Invasion?

2. Did they (Artemis and Zatanna) saw Greta ever again?

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Anonymous writes...

Does bumblebee know clark kent is superman by the time of young justice invasion ?

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DUFFY writes...

Did Garfield meet Artemis before or after Megan Morse became Garfield's legal guardian in the young justice timeline ?

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zain naEEM writes...

how hard would it be to bring back spectacular spider man, cuz these new shows dont do it justice. I loved spectacular spiderman and i just wanna know if theres even a remote chance for a continuation.

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Anonymous writes...

1. How old were Artemis and Wally when they had sex with each other for the first time?

2. Did Artemis lose her virginity to Wally a d did Wally lose it to Artemis?

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Montez Mayes writes...

Had Garfield been living at mount justice for a period of time before miss martian gave him the red bio-suit he has in young justice invasion ?

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Alois writes...

Why did M'gann choose to keep being the a hero in 2011 after m'gann did not to stop queen bee from kill marie logan ?

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Ken writes...

Is the villain Doomsday in the young justice universe ? If so did the league and the team fight him and if so what year did fight against Doomsday IN THE YOUNG JUSTIE INIVERSE HAPPEN ?

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