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Angel writes...

Why did M'gann visit Garfield Logan so often after his mom died before he live at mount justice ?

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Fuhrman writes...

Did it take hours or days or weeks or months for M'gann to find out were Garfield Logan was living at in 2011 after his mom died ?

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Gates writes...

Why is Miss Martian not part of the team or justice league during the time of young justice outsiders ?

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Arnold writes...

When did Miss Martian start considering Garfield Logan as a brother to Miss Martian in young justice timeline ?

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Marvelman writes...

1) Have you ever attended a con in Canada?

2) Have you ever been invited to a con in Canada?

3) I may have mentioned this already but I suggested you as a guest for the Toronto fan-expo in August. Is this something you would be interested in attending?

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Anonymous writes...

Mr. Weisman,
Young Justice has done a rather excellent job of converting ambiguous/C-list villains to credible threats (Sportsmaster, Black Spider, various assassins, etc.) Have you considered adding more such characters (assassins in particular) to the show?
1. Deadshot
2. Merlyn
3. KG Beast
4. David Cain
5. Copperhead
6. The Suicide Squad
7. The Rogues

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Jake writes...

Did Garfield Logan meet Karen Beecher for the first time before or after Megan Morse became Garfield Legal guardian ?

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Casanova writes...

Did Garfield meet Lucas Carr for the first time before or after Garfield Logan started living at mount justice ?

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Mike writes...

Are the Maza children half Faye?

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Mellberg writes...

Why did Miss Martian become Garfield Logan's legal guardian before he was allowed to become a member of the team in young justice timeline ?

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