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Marvelman writes...

By the time you respond to this, Outsiders will probably have premiered, so I would like to ask a question about Solstice. I know very little about the character, but she seems to have a power-set (light) and personality similar to Halo's who was one of the original Outsiders. I wonder if this was part of your intention when you decided to use Solstice, a POC, instead of Halo? Because the character's similarities do not seem coincidental.

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Anonymous writes...

Why did Garfield Logan not have his toys in his bedroom in mount justice that he had in his bedroom of his and mother's house ?

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Al Kelly writes...

Hi Greg! One of the people you follow on Twitter is making false claims to police that local comic stores refusing to carry certain books are involved in pedophile rings (aka pizzagating). Is this something you are aware of?

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Anjula writes...

How did Miss Martian know how to rub Garfield's head in young justice invasion episode Earthlings in the same way Marie Logan rub Garfield's head in episode Image ?

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Joshua P. Christie writes...

Hi Greg-- looking forward to the new season of YJ. I know we always get excited when new, licensed Gargoyles merch hits the market so I wanted to make you aware of this:


I've already preordered 2. I imagine good sales will lead to future releases so buy, buy, buy & spread the word!!

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Soul writes...

Is David Bowie exists in Earth-16? The Beatles?

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Anonymous writes...

Did Garfield live at mount justice for a time before the league and the team consider letting Garfield Logan join as a member of the team ?

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Kellar writes...

Why did Garfield still view m'gann as his sister in 2011 after marie logan died if Garfield did not believe he would live with his blood sister m'gann at some point ?

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Brots writes...

hello greg I want to thank you for spectacular spiderman is the best spiderman series I’ve ever seen, my question is:
Is a third season possible? or there is no approval from marvel and disney
I’m a big fan of this series you and your partners do a great job Congratulations!!!

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Tori writes...

Was Miss Martian Garfield's legal guardian when Garfield attended miss martian birthday during the timeskip between young justice and young justice invasion ?

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