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EXALT writes...

I have some questions about Macbeth and his family:

1)Is Macbeth religious? I imagine he was a Catholic back in the eleventh century, but in the present day, is he lapsed or what?
2)How much does Mac know of what happened to his family after his "death"? I suppose he knows that Luach and Bodhe died in battle, but does he know that Grouch commited suicide?
3)If yes, did that color his suicidal behavior in the present day?

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Marvelman writes...

Does Black Lightning's prominence in Outsiders have anything to do with you or your bosses wanting to create some synergy with WB's Black Lightning series? Or, was it part of your plan all along to make BL an important player in season 3? Is the fact that there is now a live action Black Lightning series just a coincidence?

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Marvelman writes...

Does the Light really believe it can play Darkseid the way they played the Reach? The very thought brings a smile to my face.

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Anonymous writes...

Hi Mr. Weisman,

Saw the promotional poster for Young Justice: Outsiders, but I'm surprised the poster did not have the logo on it...

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Let's talk Hawkgirl writes...

Hey, Greg I'm really excited about Young Justice: Outsiders. I loved the first two seasons and I'm a big fan of Hawkwoman. I would love for her to get more development in this season. My question is: What made you choose to put Shayera Thal as the Hawkwoman in your series and not the popular Shayera Hol? Have a nice day!

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Al Kelly writes...

Hi Greg! One of the people you follow on Twitter is making false claims to police that local comic stores refusing to carry certain books are involved in pedophile rings (aka pizzagating). Is this something you are aware of?

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Joshua P. Christie writes...

Hi Greg-- looking forward to the new season of YJ. I know we always get excited when new, licensed Gargoyles merch hits the market so I wanted to make you aware of this:


I've already preordered 2. I imagine good sales will lead to future releases so buy, buy, buy & spread the word!!

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Soul writes...

Is David Bowie exists in Earth-16? The Beatles?

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Eddie Carter writes...

Does Wolf have romantic feeling for Fox during their time as members of The Pack?

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Eddie Carter writes...

When Demona had the Phoenix Gate(Vows), why didn't she use it to transport some of the members of her clan to present day Scotland instead of bringing her younger self to the year 994?

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