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luke writes...

have you ever consider a crossover for young justice

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EndBringer99 writes...

Why did T.O. Morrow want to destroy the Justice Society and the Justice League?

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EndBringer99 writes...

Were the members of the Injustice League chosen because they look very similar to the Light's white silhouettes?
* Wotan has Ra's al Ghul's hairstyle.
* Ultra-Humanite's head looks like The Brain.
* Count Vertigo has a slender appearance like Lex Luthor.
* Black Adam is as bulky as Vandal Savage.
* Atomic Skull looks armored enough to pass off as Ocean Master.
* Joker is skinny and has an interesting hairstyle, much like Klarion.
* Poison Ivy and Queen Bee are both token females with long hair.

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Michael Graves writes...

Huge fan of your work. I've seen both Gargoyles and Young Justice, and I 'm working my way through the SW Rebels Blu-Rays I recently bought. Anyway, I'm aware your book Rain of the Ghosts is based on a pitch to Dreamworks that didn't end up going to series. Have you ever considered trying to pitch it to Netflix or Amazon and see if it can be realized as a series? Hopefully not too invasive of a question. Thank you in advance.

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EndBringer99 writes...

Did Miss Martian ever try to fix the minds of the Kroloteans and other victims she brain-fried like with Aqualad? A lot of us didn't really think learning her lesson was enough.

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Anon writes...

Is there a character in comics that is your personal favorite that you'd like to bring to life in an animated show given the chance?

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Jason R. Carter writes...

What are your thoughts on Jordan Peele wanting to do a live-action Gargoyles movie?

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Knight1999 writes...

1. How does Martian shapeshifting influence health? What happens if a Martian is shot? Do they just shapeshift back any damaged body parts?

2. How far have Martians traveled throughout the galaxy?

3. Does Mars have nations or a united planetary government?

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Dragomir writes...

How physically strong are gargoyles exactly? We've seen them perform many impressive feats of strength over the course of the series that no human could ever match without some form of augmentation (bionic enhancements, genetic mutations, power armor, sorcery, etc), but if possible I'd like to know just how powerful they actually are, like, how much weight can the average gargoyle lift in comparison to a well above average gargoyle like Goliath or Demona? How many pounds? Or dare I say, tons? Like humans obviously not all gargoyles represent the pinnacle of their kind's athletic potential, hence why I listed Goliath & Demona as examples of peak physical performance, but even the weakest of gargoyles are seriously tough customers, as Lex has demonstrated more than once despite his size, or Hudson despite his age. So, yeah, I'd love to know how the strength levels of gargoyles ranging from below average, average, and above average, AKA strongest. Thanks for your time!

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Jacob writes...

Hey, Greg?

I'm an aspiring writer. But mainly just as a hobby. Yes I know, writers who write for fun will likely never become accomplished writers.

Bit of dark humor aside, um. I seem to be stuck in a creative rut.

For the past seven months I've made up ideas for superhero stories. Yet, every time, I get quite far into the creative process, and my mind just disconnects. I end up lacking motivation to write, I scrap the idea, and I start over.

I was wondering if you had any advice from writing Gargoyles, or really anything else, that might be able to help me out of this cycle I find myself in time and again.



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