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tom writes...

why was young justice push back to 2019

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Gorden writes...

Why was Garfield not angry with m'gann when m'gann said she miss marie logan too in episode earthlings? After all miss martian did not stop queen bee from killing marie logan and m'gann did not take Garfield to live with her in 2011 after marie logan died.

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Mr. Green writes...

Did Topo ever get that "impure" brand removed?

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Vievin writes...

I read somewhere that you legally can't be exposed to ideas, or something like that. Does this mean you cannot read fanfictions, browse the Tumblr tag etc? How does it impact you and/or the creative process?

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Anonymous writes...

What did Dr. Dorado mean when he said the meta-gene was opportunistic?

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Vievin writes...

Hello Greg! (And Greg's moderator team!) I love Young Justice and I'm so happy for Season 3. My favourite character by far is Bart Allen aka Impulse aka Kid Flash II, and I'm absolutely elated that he's looking to be a major character in Season 3. That being said, there's not much to know about him, so I decided to ask you about him and the show in general.

1. I read in an earlier response that the Garricks enrolled him to school when he moved in with them. How much formal education had he received before he came to the past?

2. I actually loved the character so much that I read the Impulse comics from 1998 and I noticed that his Impulse costume is slightly different in the cartoon, this sorta arrowed line thing instead of a lightning bolt thing. His hair is also much shorter. Is there any reason behind the change?

3. With Wally's death, was his designation in the Zeta computer deleted or disabled in any way? Especially since his hero handle is now being used by Bart.

4. Speaking of Zeta designations, in season 1 Speedy/Red Arrow just ordered the computer to "update" his designation. Is it really that easy to change your designation, or was he just making a point and had to later update it officially?

5. Secret aka Greta Hayes was a main member of the comic version of Young Justice, but in the cartoon, she's just a one-episode wonder. Is there any reason behind the change?

I'm glad you're doing such wonderful work with Young Justice and I'm looking forward to season 3.

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EndBringer99 writes...

1. How old was Dick when he became Nightwing.
2. How long did Jason Todd act as Robin.

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DrewYetti writes...

Greg, I would like to ask you two thing:

If Spectacular Spider-man continued, would there be a storyline based on the clone saga, specifically the ultimate clone saga where it would include a female clone of Peter Parker known as ultimate spider-woman?

Also in the Gargoyles, has Derek Maza aka Talon and the other mutate forgiven Xanatos for their transformation and has xanatos made attempts to make amends for what he did to them?

Plus, I'm looking forward to young justice season 3 and I like to thank you it!

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Eliza writes...

Since Disney owns both Gargoyles and Marvel Comics do you think it would be interesting if the Gargoyles were brought into the Marvel Universe and if you were responsible for that how would you alter the story to have it fit into the Marvel Universe?

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Shana K writes...

Not a question. Just letting you know, my six year old daughter loves Gargoyles and was ranting that the bad guys were being mean to the Gargoyles. She'd make a great advocate for them. And she loves what you guys did with the comics. I had to change some of the words that my daughter does not need to learn yet. But that's okay. I hope someday you will be able to keep up the good work.

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