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Anonymous writes...

Would the justice leaguge allowed Garfield become a member of the team as beast boy in 2011 if his power to change into animals appear in 2011 after his mother died in 2011 ?

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Eskarina writes...

Hi! English is not my native language, sorry for the mistakes in advance.
My questions:

1 - How really Xanatos and Demona meet? In the "The Awakening" Xanatos says that he brought her before than the other gargoyles and she woke up there. That it's obviously a lie. At that point, one suposes Xanatos knows more about Demona than he is telling.

2 - Didn't Xanatos knows Demona is already immortal in "City of Stone"? The suposed spell she cast, should stole a minute of life of all citizens watching the TV. If Xanatos knows she is immortal I can't see why Xanatos could think Demona will help him to get more years of life.

Maybe the questions are stupid? I watched the show in my language around three times, and there was some translation mistakes. Can you belive the hints about Owen being Puck was deleted? All of them. I'll rewatch in english someday.

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Anonymous writes...

Hey, Congratulations with Young Justice Season 3! I wanted to ask you a question and how that would have affected the Spectacular Spider-man world. There has been a lot of debate over what kind of scientist Peter Parker is in the comics. In the original Ditko run clearly studied Chemistry, Until ASM #22, when he says: “I wonder if I should specialize in Biochemistry or Physics”. After Ditko left the title, Romita came in and according to the Marvel Handbook, he studied Biophysics. After that, it became a mess, he became Biochemistry researcher, a Chemistry Teacher, Engineer for Horizon Labs, CEO of Parker Industries (with a PHD in Physics) and more recently, the Daily Bugle’s Science Editor. So my question is, what kind of Science he would have studied while in college in the show and what is your opinion about what kind of science major he is in the comics?

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ANR writes...

A few things I've been wondering
1)Is Matt considered part of the Manhattan Clan or just a friend?
2)We know Broadway loves old detective movies but what film genres do you think the other members of the clan enjoy most?
3)Do any of the other Gargoyle clans enjoy aspects of human culture like music, books, comics, film or television?

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Henmi writes...

Why did Megan Morse never invite Garfield logan to attend any of the games she was a cheerleader for in 2011 when she was still a student at happy harbor high school ?

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Darksuperboy writes...

Hi Mr Weisman firstly thank you for doing all these q&as for your fans on this site. it shows you really care and I for one am very glad you do it.

Here are my questions

1a) without saying who or what. have you seen heard or read any fan speculation that have got the up coming Outsiders season right. 1b) if so could you give us a fraction. 1c) how to you feel when you see someone make an accurate depiction of a season/episode yet to come out?

2)why do ship designs from Star Trek keep showing up in the series and tie in comics (Cornered episode Face your fears comic tie in)

thank you for you time regards and utmost respect from

p.s I did search the 17 entries for tie in questions for this answer but I might of missed it in the 19,000 invasion entries so sorry if you've answered this already.

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Paulo writes...

Hey, I want to know, what is Tombstone origin story? Is he just albino, like in the comics, or is there something that happened to him, like in Spider-Man Animated Series?

It would be something that would be explored in the future?

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Laura 'ad astra' Sack writes...

I haven't posted in years, (too far behind in reading), but I just had to post my daughter's reaction to Future Tense.

My daughters, 9 and 6, and I have been watching Gargoyles from the beginning. Most evenings they greet me when get home from work with, "Do we have time for an episode?!?". They are not just hooked, they are obsessed. Miriam, my little one, is seriously considering being Elisa for Purim.

(I told her from the start I wasn't making a gargoyle costume. I learned my lesson from our watching of Avatar two years ago when I somehow found myself having agreed to make them water and air bending costumes because they are no longer cheaply available to buy. Hours and hours later they came out pretty dang good, especially considering I don't actually know how to sew. Their friend went as a earth bender...he wore a green t-shirt with the earth bending symbol silk screened on it - cheaply available on the internet :| .)

We watched Future Tense a few evenings ago. Miriam spent the whole episode tense and near tears asking, "they're going to use the Phoenix Gate, right? They have to use the Phoenix Gate right?" I had to sit with my arm around her. When we got to the end she smiled a big smile and told me it was a really good episode but too scary to watch again. She repeated her assessment a few days later to a friend, (the earth bender). The girls had him watch the first episode of Awakenings yesterday.

As for the big one, she assured me she wasn't scared the whole time.

Thank you for the shared experience with my girls!

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Varayev writes...

Why did Garfield not tell miss martian during the five year gasp between season one and season two of young justice show that he fell abandon by miss martian when miss martian did not take him to live with m'gann in 2011 after queen bee killed his mom in 2011 ?

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Anonymous writes...

Was wally’s death certain? This isn’t about him being in season 3 or anything just wondering if he really died because I’ve seen a lot of theory vids talking about the speed force and other things.

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