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Worf writes...

why was Garfield not anger of fell abound by at miss martian for not take taking him to live with her in 2011 after his mom died ?

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Mr_Oof2000 writes...

1. What is your favorite episode so far from season three?
2. What episode from season three do you think fans will enjoy the most?

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Kevin writes...

So as of the last episode of Season 2 of Young Justice there were two A designations 7 and 8 that were not revealed. Have we seen them in the show or comics before or when you get this have they appeared in Season 3?

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Tatyana writes...

Can you please bring Wally back to life? PLEASE

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Anonymous writes...

This is a very silly question, but when Cheshire told Red Arrow that if he wanted another date he only had to ask: Did they really dated before that?

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mastermarvel1080 writes...

Oliver has tried to improve his relationship with Arsenal?

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Fred Flinstone writes...

Good day, Sir.

This is more of a question regarding your policy than one regarding your shows. Your policy regarding not spoiling the details regarding future seasons/episodes of your shows is well documented. But I'm wondering whether or not you feel a freedom to discuss details that haven't yet been depicted on-screen but that have already transpired in-universe and that you likely won't revisit. For example, in between Young Justice Seasons 1-2, there was a substantial time gap in which plenty of untold (to viewers) story unfolded. Viewers got a hint regarding some of what happened, and some more was explicitly stated. But do you feel a freedom to--if asked--go into detail regarding events that occurred during that period but that will clearly never be depicted on-screen or even in the comics (especially considering that Young Justice season 3 looks like it'll occur after yet another time gap)? Do those details count as 'spoilers,' considering that they won't be relevant to future episodes and will likely never be depicted in future seasons?

As always, glad to see the Young Justice comeback and hoping for a season four too.

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ECJS writes...

Greetings and Hi. I've been a fan since 14 and I am happy that there's a season3.

1. Is Wally West truly dead? In DC comics, he came back through the speed force alive. Will this be the case for YJ too?

2. Will there be more scenes with Nightwing fighting S3?

Anyway, thanks for bringing YJ back and would have been a Teen Titan nostalgia if there was Flash-Nightwing friendly interaction, just saying. Good day.

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Kevin writes...

Hello, hope you are doing well congratulations on Young Justice Outsiders and hopefully by the time you get this it will be renewed for a fourth season. My question has to due with the Gargoyles version of Arthur and cast. I was wondering what the ages of Gwenyvere Lancelot, Morgause, Morgana and Nimue were. I understand if you don't want to do the math for the exact dates for them but if Arthur was eighteen, what would the other's age range be compared to him? I tried to look it up myself but the myths so convoluted I could not make heads or tails of it.

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Kevin writes...

1. Why didn't Zatara come to an arrangement with Nabu about taking off the helmet for breaks with his daughter? He has the ability to swear by his word literally, so is there a reason why they have not done so?

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