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CJ writes...

Elisa has dressed up as both Belle and Jasmine for Halloween. Does that mean their respective movies exist in the Gargoyles universe as we perceive them, and if so, does that mean they cannot be real in said universe?

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Jan Rott writes...

What is the full name of Taro?
On which Japanese island is Ishimura?

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John B writes...

In the season 3 of Young Justice trailer I noticed Static does not have a mask on. What happened to his secret identity? That's an important part of his character

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Jan Rott writes...

Why did the Space-Spawns kidnap the eggs of the Liberty clan? For what reasons did they want the eggs?

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Sam writes...

Hi Greg,I've been a fan of Spectacular Spiderman and Young Justice since I was a kid, and I'm really looking forward to YJ: Outsiders! :)
1)Now that shows like Samurai Jack, Star wars: The Clone Wars, Young Justice, and possibly the original Teen Titans series have returned, do you think there's a chance for Spectacular spiderman to return as well someday? Thanks! :)

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Worf writes...

why was Garfield not anger of fell abound by at miss martian for not take taking him to live with her in 2011 after his mom died ?

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Mr_Oof2000 writes...

1. What is your favorite episode so far from season three?
2. What episode from season three do you think fans will enjoy the most?

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Kevin writes...

So as of the last episode of Season 2 of Young Justice there were two A designations 7 and 8 that were not revealed. Have we seen them in the show or comics before or when you get this have they appeared in Season 3?

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Tatyana writes...

Can you please bring Wally back to life? PLEASE

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Anonymous writes...

This is a very silly question, but when Cheshire told Red Arrow that if he wanted another date he only had to ask: Did they really dated before that?

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