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vertigo writes...

wanted to say i love Neil Gaiman Lucifer comic but i hated the tv show and the comic sequel it was very bad so i wanted to ask would you ever do a crossover with lucifer from the comics on young justice

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Rawan Farouk writes...

1-Will young justice season 3 have comicbooks like the last 2 season?
2-I can't ofcourse ask you if Wally is returning or not but I want to tell you if he didn't return the fans will be disappointed

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jake writes...

hey do you know what kaijudo rise of the duel masters is and if so what do you think of a crossover with young justice where garfield and ray are cousins

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Anonymous writes...

If Batman knew that Captain Marvel was Billy Batson, why did he give the okay for him to watch over the team in Red Tornado's absence?

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Anonymous writes...

I looked at your timeline for Gargoyles (specifically, September 28) and was wondering, When Fox called Mr Vogel about her takeover plans, where they both Gargoyles at the time or did the call take place after puck reversed the spell?

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Matt B writes...

I was wondering about Jean Dewolff's change from captain to patrolman and Italian American (I think) to Native American. I like the changes but am curious about the thought process behind them.

Also, what people was Jean from?

Also, does she know Elisa Maza? I'm guessing that Native American NYC cops are a small sorority.

Also, Jean and a few other characters (EG Gwen, Captain Stacy) die in the comics. I won't ask names because of spoilers, but were you planning on some character deaths if the series had continued?

Thanks, and i hope you get to follow up on SSM and Gargoyles someday. I really mss those shows. At least YJ is coming back!

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Jan Rott writes...

What motivated Duncan to take on the role of the hunter?

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Max writes...

Hey, Greg. If you could do your own personal take on the Spider-Man mythos as a TV series (not like Spectacular. I mean a wholly original concept built from scratch.), what would it be like? With new origins for the villains and all that...

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Lindsay writes...

Hi Greg,

I wanted to know if things were ever left open in your mind for Jason and Elisa to re-unite, the story-arch being that the Hunters would forever be kept from misbehaving thanks to Elisa, leaving Goliath to reunite with Demona to do the same thing for pesky gargoyles? There were some touching moments between Jason and Elisa, I wanted to know if they were deliberately emphasised for a future purpose like this?

Cheers! Love your work.


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Maria writes...

Hi Greg! I wanted to know if Wally knew he was going to die when he did. I mean, in the episode «Bloodlines», when Bart sees Wally he says «You're Wally West, my first cousin once removed» and he clearly paid attention to it because he says «The operative word being 'removed'.». I only noticed it after rewatching the episode and it made me too curious so I'd like to know.

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