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Henmi writes...

Why did Garfield Logan begin living with miss martian at mount justice ? Why does Garfield have his mother's last name and not have his dad's last name in young justice universe ? Was Garfield at any Conner's birthdays before or after Garfield begin living at mount justice ? Did Garfield the toys and helo megan poster his mount just bedroom before or after begin living at mount justice ?

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Marvelman writes...

Were Wally and Artemis on opposite ends of the political spectrum?

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Marvelman writes...

My question is: why the Outsiders? There are a lot of characters and stories you could have delved into like the Teen Titans, Young Justice, the Justice Society, or even the Legion. So, why did you pick this particular group of characters to work with? Did it have anything to with the fact that the Outsiders had never really been used before?

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Karney writes...

Hey, Greg.
I just wanted to know what kind of stuff you read as a kid that got you interested in the whole mythological genre. Are there any good books you recommend, and are there any you read as a kid that you just couldn't put down?

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Sr L writes...

1) ¿Why did Venom still hate Peter Parker in spectacular spiderman?
I know it's some reasonable Venom hate Parker because he was fired by the Connors in the 1st season
But he recovered his job as an assitant of connor in the 2nd season, and he discovered Parker don't call the police because he was spiderman.
2)¿The spider who chopped Parker had a relation with the spider-totems and Ezequiel Zims?
Because in the comics, it was revealed that the powers of spiderman could come of the magic and not of the science, or a mix of the two explication.
3)¿Why Kingpin doesn't appear in the serie?
I thought Sony doesn't have the right of that character, but in The Amazing Spiderman 2 (videogame) Kingpin appeared, also in the previous series of Spidey (Spiderman the new animated series), Kingpin appears and that series also was made by Sony.
4)¿There were hidden references or easter eggs about other marvel heroes and that universe? and ¿In an hypothetical third season would have more directly references?
I know you couldn't use other marvel characters, but in other shows like Spiderman Unlimited, there were references about other marvel heroes like Reed Richards, and that series was made by Fox.
5)¿When Avengers Earth's Mighthiest heroes release, there were plans to conect spectacular universe with that universe, before marvel in his encyclopedia put different numbers of realities?
6)¿The six arms' saga would happen?
In the 1994's series, the six arms' saga develope in two seasons, because Spiderman doesn't know his mutation continue before the second season. So in Spectacular could happen similar, Peter Parker doesn't know his mutation has a second phase and maybe
¿Peter could discovered that in the future?
7)¿Norman Osborn discover the secret identy of Spiderman as Peter Parker in Final Courtain when Norman saw that eye in the mask?
8)¿Spider-woman can appeared on the series?
Perhaps not the 616 Jessica Drew, but in Ultimate universe Jessica Drew is a femenine clone of Peter Parker.
9)¿Can appear other spider-men/women of other universes and alternate timelines in the show?

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Jan Rott writes...

What happens to Cyberbiotics after Halcyon Renard dies?

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Karrin Blue writes...

In the comics, Kaldur mentioned that all Atlanteans have a year or so of military service at a young age. Why is that required, and what exactly does it entail? Atlantis doesn't seem to be at war, and even if they were it doesn't seem like Aquaman would order 12 year olds serve on the battlefield.

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Fabian Martinez writes...

Hey Greg.

I read the guidelines but I feel like the archives are endless so I'm not sure if this question has been asked or not but I apologise in advance if they have been. In regards to Spectacular Spider-Man I have two question.

1) If by some stroke of luck and legal issues were somehow worked out would you come back for a continuation of this show or somewhat of a soft reboot given all the Spider-Man lore added since season 2 ended such as Spider-Verse, Spider-Gwen etc...

2) originally (not sure if you had planned ahead) what direction would you have taken the show in for season 3? Such as the relationship between Peter and Gwen.

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Olivier Ouimet writes...

So it's been like almost 10 years and I just watched season 1 and 2 of The spectacular Spider-Man and well you probably know where i'm going with this but this would mean a lot to so many people. I was heartbroken by the ending wich wasn't an ending and I'm 17 and this is a kids show sort of and I just had so many feelings. So much was planned for season 3 and 4 just thinking about it... So as there been anything new? Please tell us.

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Vader12 writes...

In Gargoyles episode, Heritage, in the scene where the illusionary gargoyles attack Thunderbird Form Grandmother, was the raven headed gargoyle among them a illusional version of Raven's gargoyle form too or was it the real version of him when Angela saw they were fake?

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vertigo writes...

wanted to say i love Neil Gaiman Lucifer comic but i hated the tv show and the comic sequel it was very bad so i wanted to ask would you ever do a crossover with lucifer from the comics on young justice

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Rawan Farouk writes...

1-Will young justice season 3 have comicbooks like the last 2 season?
2-I can't ofcourse ask you if Wally is returning or not but I want to tell you if he didn't return the fans will be disappointed

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jake writes...

hey do you know what kaijudo rise of the duel masters is and if so what do you think of a crossover with young justice where garfield and ray are cousins

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Anonymous writes...

If Batman knew that Captain Marvel was Billy Batson, why did he give the okay for him to watch over the team in Red Tornado's absence?

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Anonymous writes...

I looked at your timeline for Gargoyles (specifically, September 28) and was wondering, When Fox called Mr Vogel about her takeover plans, where they both Gargoyles at the time or did the call take place after puck reversed the spell?

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Matt B writes...

I was wondering about Jean Dewolff's change from captain to patrolman and Italian American (I think) to Native American. I like the changes but am curious about the thought process behind them.

Also, what people was Jean from?

Also, does she know Elisa Maza? I'm guessing that Native American NYC cops are a small sorority.

Also, Jean and a few other characters (EG Gwen, Captain Stacy) die in the comics. I won't ask names because of spoilers, but were you planning on some character deaths if the series had continued?

Thanks, and i hope you get to follow up on SSM and Gargoyles someday. I really mss those shows. At least YJ is coming back!

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Jan Rott writes...

What motivated Duncan to take on the role of the hunter?

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Max writes...

Hey, Greg. If you could do your own personal take on the Spider-Man mythos as a TV series (not like Spectacular. I mean a wholly original concept built from scratch.), what would it be like? With new origins for the villains and all that...

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Lindsay writes...

Hi Greg,

I wanted to know if things were ever left open in your mind for Jason and Elisa to re-unite, the story-arch being that the Hunters would forever be kept from misbehaving thanks to Elisa, leaving Goliath to reunite with Demona to do the same thing for pesky gargoyles? There were some touching moments between Jason and Elisa, I wanted to know if they were deliberately emphasised for a future purpose like this?

Cheers! Love your work.


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Maria writes...

Hi Greg! I wanted to know if Wally knew he was going to die when he did. I mean, in the episode «Bloodlines», when Bart sees Wally he says «You're Wally West, my first cousin once removed» and he clearly paid attention to it because he says «The operative word being 'removed'.». I only noticed it after rewatching the episode and it made me too curious so I'd like to know.

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leonor writes...

Hi Greg! Congratulations on having a third season of Young Justice. I can't wait to see it!
So I was rewatching the first season of the show and I was left with some questions, especially about Artemis. When we first get to see her, we see an innocent person trying to do good, but after acknowledging her bloodlines we've reasons to doubt wether she's indeed a good person or not. Even before the team got to know who her family was, Roy always suspected about her being the mole and I'd like to know why? Out of the three possible subjects why did he doubt Artemis the most and not for example Superboy who was a clone and could easily be the mole? Also, did Batman accept Artemis as part of the team and Green Arrow as his sidekick just because of who her parents and sister were and who she could become or maybe because she possibly used to work with her dad and after quitting they saw she could be an added value? And last but not least (sorry for making this long), why in the episode «Agendas» every sidekick was considered to be part of the Justice League and not Artemis?

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Kyle writes...

Hi Greg, these questions may seem redundant and/or obvious, but for clarification:

1. Is Wally West's real name Wallace West, and "Wally" is just his nickname?

2. Is Barry Allen's real name Bartholomew Allen, and "Barry" is just his nickname?

3. Is Hal Jordan's real name Harold Jordan, and "Hal" is just his nickname?

4. Is Billy Batson's real name William Batson, and "Billy" is just his nickname?

5. Is Ray Palmer's real name Raymond Palmer, and "Ray" is just his nickname?

Thank you in advance, and I hope you're having an amazing day!

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QueerGuy writes...

Big fan of your work. Not really a question, but I felt the need to clarify after seeing your response to another question regarding queer-baiting.

In your response, you (respectfully) provide some push-back against the concept, while expressing a willingness to learn more. I had a few quick responses to your comments I wanted to share.

You talk about some of the examples given in the Wikipedia entry for queer-baiting to be unfair, citing Sherlock Holmes and John Watson as an example. To be clear, in both the Wikipedia article and in popular usage of this example, people refer to Holmes and Watson as they are depicted in the BBC series, "Sherlock", and not (necessarily) in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's original stories or other adaptations.

Queer-baiting refers to creators of media actively misleading a fan-base with hints or indications of "queerness" without any intent of follow-through. NOT -- as you indicated in your prior comment -- a fan-base misinterpreting close same-sex friendships and sexual. "Sherlock" (the BBC series) is a famous example of queer-baiting, as the series very often hints at homoerotic attraction between the two leads in the series' writing, the performances of the lead actors, and in the ways that other characters in series refer to their relationship. I won't go into specific details and examples from the series, but if you are interested in examples there are scores of them documented and easily locateable on the internet.

The key aspect of queer-baiting is the attempt to take advantage of queer fans by providing the bare minimum of queer(ish) interactions, without ever following through for fear of alienating a non-queer audience. This is very different from both presenting close same-sex friendships without any romantic or sexual relationship developing between the two characters, and the presentation of queer characters without the ability to actively show examples of their queerness due to external factors, such as network interference (such as Lexington in "Gargoyles" or Korra in "The Legend of Korra"). These are non-malicious and do not seek to mislead a queer audience.

To be clear, I don't think you have been guilty of queer-baiting in any of your work. I simply wanted to clarify the concept a bit more so that you can hopefully understand where the concern of the initial comment came from. Looking forward to "Young Justice" season three!

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Anonymous writes...

I'd like to say my six year old daughter loves Gargoyles. We have the complete TV series minus the Goliath Chronicals, which I refuse to even touch. That said I do have a few questions for you.
1: How are you doing?
2: Any sign on the horizon of a possibility of a Gargoyles comeback either as a comic or graphic novel?
3: Rumor has it Disney is planning on a live action Gargoyles in the future, do you know anything about it? I think it mentioned someone from GI Joe Rise of Cobra supposedly writing it.

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Coolest Aunt Ever? writes...

Hello Greg,

I wanted to thank you for defending the very real LGBT+ fans of pop culture & comics. My niece is one of those; I’ve always known she was on the spectrum and recently she came out. She loves action cartoons with prominent female characters (a rarity still do this day) and she loves watching those with me. Now she is too young for twitter but you better believe that I’m there searching high and low for children’s media where she can finally see herself represented. I really hope your show can provide that for her and viewers dying to see themselves in their heroes in more than just lip-service. My searches in twitter only ever brought promised LGBT+ representation leading to the usual bare-boned minimum. I wouldn’t mind so much, after all those shows are not about romantic development and characters don’t need relationships to be interesting or have enriched stories. Then I see the disproportion; it’s not fair when almost all the non-LGBT+ characters in said shows get to have tender moments, explicit development and definitive romantic intimacy. It’s harsh to tell a whole group of people that their feelings are problematic to explore yet it’s perfectly “natural” for another group. I’m not sure about DC’s protocol but I doubt you would settle for them telling you that the only way you can have a POC character is if you make sure their costume covers any indication of skin-tone and/or facial features and that their superhero name in no way draws attention to their ethnic background… also never remove the costume or use their real name. So please tell me that you will give your LGBT+ audience the same importance in the fight for diverse visibility in your non-adult media; please allow my niece to see herself reflected with the same fleshed-out, emotional connections that straight kids have the privilege of experiencing everywhere.

P.S. I’m not asking for spoilers, just no false promises to young viewers. Thanks again for defending your fans and their humanity!

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