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Mark writes...

I am aware that it was mentioned that Demona would eventually have reformed in the planned gargoyle series in the far future but was it possible that she may have reformed a lot sooner? due to her daughter Angela being a factor. She would have made a great anti hero

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Polonium writes...

Thank you very much for a thoroughly enjoyable experience in the first two Traveler books -- they have made for a captivating story time with my two children, spanning months! The journey of Aram and his evolving entourage have kept them riveted, and coming back for more. Is Book Three being worked on currently? (If it is, or it's planned for, is there a tentative release date?)

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Talos writes...

I just wanted to know if any of The Coldtrio will still be around by 2198?

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Dimona Dougherty writes...

Did you ever think the show would be the inspiration for someones actual deed poll name change?

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Talos writes...

I have so far enjoyed the new Ducktales and i have been hearing a lot of talk about the disney afternoon being revived, would you be open for a Gargoyles reboot or revival series?

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Skygoyle writes...

Hey Greg I've recently been re watching Gargoyles and just reached I'll be Met by Moonlight. I noticed that one of the Gargoyles greeting them at the castle in the first two minutes looks a lot like the Creature from the Black Lagoon or Abe Sapien from Hellboy having more fish fin like wings and aquatic features unlike any other Wyvern clan Gargoyle I've seen from the show and comics. So my questions are
1) Is this guy really "Scottish stock" same as the rest of the main Gargoyles?
2)if yes do his features come from some sort of mixed heritage?
3)Could he be related to the Loch Ness clan?
4)Or am I'm just reading too much into a character's design?

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rapter fan writes...

What did m'gann say to Garfield in 2011 after he ask her to take him to live with her in 2011 when visit him after his mom died ?

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Sahil writes...

Hi there. Just a quick question on magic. Couldn’t find this in the archives. How is it that with just one outburst of magic from a halfling, the most powerful of the third race, Oberon, can be blasted into a wall?? Love the odd fact that the magic is green though for all users. Thank you

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Pan writes...

Hello Mr. Weisman,

I'm not going to ask about any specific character, as that would be a spoiler. Nor am I going to phrase it as a general question, for the same reason. From what I've read, it appears that the reason you couldn't depict any LGBT characters or relationship on-screen during the first two seasons of ''Young Justice'' is because Cartoon Network wouldn't allow it. Now, as I said earlier, I'm not going to ask if XYZ character is LGBT, or whether the third season will include any LGBT representation. But I am curious, if you wanted to include LGBT characters / representation in any future seasons of the show, and depict it on-screen, ''could'' you? Or has DC Universe, similarly to Cartoon Network, enforced a "gay embargo" preventing you from doing so?

Kind regards

P.S. I hope the italics work.

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Kiawe writes...

please us fans need to know where and what happen to miss martian is she still going to appear in young justice

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