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draph91 writes...

Silly question but in a hypothetical scenario would Owen's stone hand be affected by the Stone by Night spell?

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draph91 writes...

What sort of quest does Vinnie go on?, is it connected to when he becomes a gargoyle sympathizer

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sela hanany writes...

hey greg, how would rank the members of the light in a tournament list of battles between them(from most powerful to least powerful.)

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Jan Rott writes...

Hello again,
1) How do the clans determine the names of newly-born members?
a) Ishimura
b) London
c) Manhattan
d) Labyrinth

2) Did Nashville itself determined his name or were his parents?

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Anonymous writes...

1. In regards to "Young Justice: Legacy" why was the decision made for it to be a video game as opposed to an animated film...? The way I have depicted it is that the leader of each three-person team during each mission were canon and the other two members that accompany the leader were not because the player has to choose which heroes go with the team leaders.

2. The one thing that confuses me is that if you read comics associated with the Flash, Jay Garrick, Kid Flash, or Impulse or have at least watched episdoes of The Flash on The CW, you would see the lightning streak that forms when speedsters associated/connected with the Speed Force are running. That being said, why do we not see lighting streaks when Barry, Wally, Jay, and Bart run in the Young Justice animated universe...?

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Jan Rott writes...

We know that the gargoyle clones look so different due to their accelerated growth.
a) These characteristics are not genetic then?
b) Can these characteristics be transferred to the next generation or do the children look normal? So white teeth and skin more like the originals.

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James B. writes...

Something I have always wondered.
In the episode Metamorphesis before Anton supposedly dies, he appears to be in his 50s but when he makes his appearance again, he appears to be in his 30s.
Why is this?

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lucy writes...

have you ever wonder about making a crossover between young justice and rwby where Qrow is garfield father I got it all figured it out back in 2011 qrow and raven were caught in a zeta accident that send them a 1000 year in the future

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Christopher Rosa writes...

Dear Greg Weisman,

This is Christopher Rosa again. I sent you a message before, and like I said before I'm a big fan of the shows you work on and write for, in particular The Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon. But a part of me feels that you handle Flash Thompson wrong, a part of me feels to that Flash was becoming nice and befriend Peter too fast. I dislike it in the comics that Peter had to accept Flash's bullying because if he tried to fight back he could really hurt him. Though in the cartoon Flash never physically attacks Peter and instead mostly calls him names and pranks him, I feel by Peter easily forgiving Flash like that it was saying that it was ok for Flash to bully Peter. I just wish you show Peter standing up to Flash more, maybe Peter didn't have to fight Flash but he could have stood up to him and told him "I'm not letting you push me around anymore" or he could have told a teacher. But then again, each season only has 13 episodes and there may have not been enough time with that with Peter's life as Spider-Man and social life. That is what I feel, and also me and a friend talk and he told me of an idea of someone telling off Flash and telling him how hypocritical it is for Flash to worship a hero whose example he doesn't have the character to follow in his own life. What do you think of that idea and what I just said?

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big papi smurf nibba writes...

yo u play fortnite

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