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Jan Rott writes...

The Director knew exactly about Yama's situation and Hunter was able to blackmail him.
a) How did the Director of Yama learn?
b) How did the Director learn about Yamas exile and its reasons?
c) Does the Director really know where Yama's clan is or was it a bluff?

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Hello :) writes...

Hi Greg. Want to keep this short and simply but I do have to congratulate you and your team for season 3 of Young Justice.

1) And will we, the fans, are going to see all of the team member's origins similar to the comic, Campfire Secrets and Rabbit Holes? I would love to see Batgirl, Troia, Robin II, Beast Boy, Bumblebee....basically the members that join after 2011 but before 2016 (Wonder Girl and Blue Beetle are the exception of course).

2) And this one is just a random question but, does Barbara Gordon have a close relationship with her mom?

Thank you for your time.

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Anonymous writes...

Hey Greg, Do you know if the new young justice season is going to be dubbed in any other language than english?

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Anonymous writes...

Did Superboy and Miss Martian get back together in Endgame or on their way to do so?

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Anonymous writes...

What kind of relationship would Samsom and Nick (that was the name of descendant of Goliath and Elisa's adopted child, wasn't it?) have in "Gargoyles 2198"?

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Jason R. Carter writes...

1) Thoughts on Jurnee Smollet-Bell playing Black Canary in the Birds of Prey movie?

2) Who would you have cast as a live-action BC?

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Paige writes...

Hi Greg,

I am such a huge fan of Young Justice that I can't even put it into words. This show has literally changed my life. I've watched it so many times I've lost count and can't help finding something new to love every time I watch it. This being said, I got to thinking and had some questions about Bart (who is my favorite character in the show; I was super stoked to see him in the trailers for S3) I was hoping you could answer.

1. Was it just Bart and Nathaniel that worked on the time machine, or did they get help from others also wishing to change the time stream?

2. In the flashback in "Bloodlines" Bart is seen without an inhibitor collar, while Nathaniel still has his on and it is activated. Just out of curiosity, how was Bart able to disable his and get his off in order to go back to the past? I'm sure the Reach would have been monitoring both him and Nathaniel, especially since they'd taken the time to put the inhibitor collars on in the first place. How were Bart and Nathaniel able to sneak under the Reach's radar and pull everything off?

3. Were "crash" and "mode" always the lingo you'd had in mind for Bart, or were other words also considered?

4. How do you think Wally would interpret Bart taking on his role as Kid Flash? Do you believe Wally would see it as Bart "honoring his memory" as Artemis puts it, or would Wally see him as more of a fraud like Bart believes?

Thank you so much for everything! Continue to make awesome life-changing works like this one. I can't wait to see what S3 has in store. I'm sitting on the edge of my seat.

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Aliragal writes...

In Season 2 of Young Justice, Nightwing explains that only Kaldur, Wally, Artemis, and Himself are the only four that know that Kaldur has been under deep cover. Did Wally and Artemis learn about this after Nightwing asked Artemis to go undercover, or did they know from the beginning that Kaldur was undercover?

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Ano-Name-Ous writes...

Alanna told Superboy that a shapeshifter like M'gann would be a perfect match for him, does that mean that M'gann makes herself look physically 16 whilst 53 in chronological years and 18 in human biological years?

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Mike writes...

Yo Greg what's up with Wonder Woman's outfit? I don't mind you guys borrowing costumes from the New 52 movies but putting a girdle on her, she's Wonder Woman not Xena, that's why DC has the Justice League action show.

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