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tom writes...

did you ever though of a episode of what happen on mars I'm talking about the mission where bb superbly and miss m went to mars that aqua lad gave them

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Gaoski writes...

Hi Greg , thanks for bringing back young Justice to season 3 so my question is regarding the stream service but outside US what’s the future hope for EU or international fans how are we going to watch the show . :)

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Nick writes...

Hi Greg! Today was the day, congrats!

A few questions.
How old is Troia?
How old is Steel?
How old is Ice?
How old is Hardware?
How old was Tara Markov when she disappeared?

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Marvelman writes...

Given that there didn't seem to be an repercussions for Black Lightning's accidental killing of a 14 year-old girl, is it fair to surmise that the league found him responsible but not blameworthy for her death?

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Heidi writes...

Hello! Apologies if this question has been asked before. Do you know where I can watch Young Justice season 3 if I don't live in the United States? I am from Finland.
Thank you. Have a lovely day.

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Borges writes...

In 2011 why did Garfield still have the will go on living after queen bee kill his mom marie logan and miss martian did not take him to live with her in 2011 after maie logan died ?

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Brandon holifield writes...

Say how long till gargoyles are in Public domain and when slash if the time comes does that mean you could countinue the series?

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Gary writes...

Why did m'gann not trust Garfield to show him her white martian form after maie died before Garfield begin living at mount justice ?

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Anonymous writes...

Will Superboy ever develop Tactile Telekinesis in YJ?

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Anonymous writes...

Hey Greg, fan of your works, especially Young Justice. Here's my question:
1. Will the designs or concepts or the very characters of the former members of the team, namely,Donna Troy[Troia], Freddy Freeman[Lieutenant Marvel], Sergeant Marvel[Sergeant Marvel] be referenced/seen in someway, shape or form in the next or future seasons of the series/show?
2. Will Mia Dearden as Speedy ever be seen on the future of Young Justice?

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