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Tyler writes...

Hey Greg!
I had a few questions regarding Bette Kane and the Kane family:

1. Is Martha Wayne's maiden name is still Kane in this universe?

2. Would Bette be from the same Kane family as Martha, or is that all just a big coincidence?

3. If #2 is a yes, does that mean that Bette has a cousin named Kate somewhere out there in Gotham?

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ReyMonoArdilla writes...

Since we just saw that Traci 13's magic appears to be based on bad luck, I had a few questions about it (and tangentially about Earth-16 magic).

1. Since there are Lords of Order and Lords of Chaos on Earth-16, is magic separated into opposing forces of Chaos Magic and Order magic (like the Light and Dark sides of the Force, or positive and negative electrical charges) or is magic simply a neutral energy that can be used freely for either chaotic or orderly purposes?

2. If Earth-16 magic comes in separate Order and Chaos flavours, is Traci's bad luck magic a type of Chaos Magic?

3. If the previous answer is true, how does Doctor Fate--being a Lord of Order--feel about being allied with a user of Chaos Magic?

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Carlo from Italy writes...

Hi Greg.
I have a question about Young Justice universe: "Queen Bee" is only a title or is the birth name of the character?

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DD writes...

So was that definitely Damian Wayne we saw in the Rescue Op episode of Young Justice?

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Phil writes...

Alright first off I'm a huge fan. Have been since Gargoyles (though I didn't know it at the time). Congrats on season 3 and I hope to see more of your work in the future, be it Young Justice or anything else.

As for the questions:

1. Is Statics identity public? I never see him wear a mask
2. Are Superboy's shirts lighter now due to multiple washings or was that just an aesthetic choice?
3. Did Kaldur always know he would be Aquaman someday?
4. Which episode of season 3 is your favorite?

Thanks a bunch!

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Anonymous writes...

I'm happy that Dick and Barbara are officially a couple! Now, is it too much ask that they'll eventually get married?

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Anonymous writes...

I couldn't believe my eyes when a baby Damian Wayne was introduced on Young Justice: Outsiders! But since he's only a baby at this point in time, do we have to wait for a 10-year time skip before Damian becomes Robin?!

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GEENA writes...

Greg why did you ruin the beautiful dick and starfire relationship... just why

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luke writes...

it probably doesn't it matter but in young justice s3 e3 garfield was in paris with queen perita my question is does perita know about the team because gar had to use a zeta beam to get to paris

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Anonymous writes...

After eight years, Zatara appeared to look terrible; whether it is his age catching up to him or the strain of wearing the Helmet of Nabu for such a long time appears to be unclear. As such, why has Nabu not yet found a successor to wear the helmet? How long must Zatanna go through the grief of only seeing her father briefly before quickly losing him again every year?

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