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Anonymous writes...

If Vandal Savage was the father of Nabu, then why has Nabu not mentioned this relationship to anyone? Also, has Nabu ever encountered Vandal Savage again at any point between his death and the present day?

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Anonymous writes...

In known history, Genghis Khan began the seeds if his empire due to his family connections via his father's clan. Given Vandal Savage of course didnt have a mongol chief as his dad, how did he start the start of his empire?

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Derpje writes...

Dear mister Weisman,
I really love your work! And how you have creates this! I have a few questions, I hope you don't mind.
1. How old is the M'Comm M'orrz?
2. Will M'Comm appear in future episodes? Because I had watched some show were there was a character introduced and never came back.
3. How did M'Comm M'orrz got those Meta-Humans?

Thank you!

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The_Jezio writes...

Hi Greg,

Thank you for your work and Gargoyles, it gave a mature 13-year old kid a great show to watch and escape with when his world around him was falling apart.

I wanted to ask you about Goliath and his character ARC. he's such a complex character who spends so much time in grief and, carrying burdens from his past balancing good and evil, broken hearts and forbidden romances, an evolution of "Clan" and family.

Season three opened all of these new possibilities with new clans popping up all over the world after Avalon, and so my Question is, What would it take for Goliath to get his happy ending? Was there ever a plan to really wrap up Gargoyles, because the universe really is so deep and expansive everyone could have gotten 10 episodes plus about their own struggles and triumphs.

I even got to read Brooklyn's Comic Arc from "Clan Building" by Greg Weisman, and had even more love for what could have been! Thank you for answering if you get the chance!

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Swiftleaf writes...

Sorry if this was asked, but is it fair to assume that many, MANY children died as a result of Klarion's spell in misplaced? It's been years since I've watched the episode, but I don't recall any reaction to a tragedy of such scope being depicted.

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Anonymous writes...

Could M'gann and Conner have children, like beautiful Half Martian, Quarter Kryptonian, Quarter Human babies?

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Jordan Wade writes...

1. Why did Vandal Savage invited Ocean Master to the Light what did Ocean Master have to bring to the table?

2. Why did Ocean Master agreed to joining the Light?

3. Was Ocean Master friends with any members of the Light?

4. On Earth-16 did Ocean Master had any racism towards Surface Dwellers?

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Laura writes...

Dear Greg,
You are really amazing!! I love how you have all made this! Sorry for my bad English, because I come from the Netherlands and english is not my mother launguage. Sorry.
I have a lot of questions. My first question is: How was your first day working here?

Thank you for your time!!

Your sincerly,

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FieryVulpine writes...


I have one regarding Jon Kent and his nature as a Kryptonian/Human hybrid. Does a naturally born hybrid possess any degree of a Kryptonian's advanced powers (flight, speed, vision), or will they be closer to Superboy in terms of their power set?

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MarylandSwimmer writes...

Just wondering, is the Owings Mills in young justice 3x09 the same from Owings Mills, MD?

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