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Timothy writes...

Just one Question for Young Justice Season 3:
Is Billy Batson Captain Marvel or Shazam now?

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tien writes...

hey I was wondering are you gonna introduce mark logan anytime soon

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B writes...

Is Vandal Savage's son Nabu the same entity as the Lord of Order Nabu, or just his first host (or one of the first)?

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Just a YJ Fan writes...

Couple of questions about Young Justice.
1. Is what Monkey said about Gar's powers being magical in nature true, or just his mind making stuff up, again given what Monkey said about Gar filling in blanks like Monkey having Wally's voice?
2. For that matter, is the whole monkey god thing true?
3. How long was Orphan active as a vigilante prior to "Triptych"?
4. Going back to "Fireworks", when everyone is about to head up the elevator to escape, Robin uses a grapnel while Superboy grabs Aqualad and attempts to fly. As for Kid Flash, all we saw of him was that he jumped to a ledge, and the next we see of him they're on Sublevel 15, about 27 levels higher than where they started, if my memory serves. So how did Wally get up there? Sorry if I'm missing something obvious, it's just something that's always bugged me about the scene and I could never find an answer online.
5. Going back to "Nightmare Monkeys", (sorry that I'm jumping all over the place, these questions are popping into my mind as I type), Paul Sloane stated that he was Gar's godfather and that Rita Farr was his godmother. After Marie died, was there a specific reason why Gar went to Rita over Paul? For that matter, why would Gar go with M'Gann after Rita died? Did Paul just come to an understanding with Rita and M'Gann or was there something else going on?
Sorry if most of these questions are too spoilery, but I felt it couldn't hurt to ask. Loving the new season so far. Here's to Season 4!

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Marvelman writes...

Was "Exceptional Human Beings" Batman's first encounter with Bane?

Was there a particular reason you decided to have Bane stop using Venom?

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John writes...

Why did Kent Nelson stop wearing the helmet and put it away unused for years? Didn't he care about stopping magical threats even if he did not want to be Doctor Fate anymore?

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Mark writes...

1. Is Aqualad as strong as Aquaman or is he just as strong as the average Atlantean?
2. Can Aqualad or any other Atlantean who uses sorcery do what Lagoon Boy's sub skill of inflating himself? Would it manifest the same way or different for the more humanoid Atlanteans?
3. Does Blubber have a speciality in Atlantean sorcery or is hard water constructs that is the norm?
4. Does King Shark use sorcery or he just stronger than average?
5. Not looking for a hard number but do you know how many Atlanteans there are in terms of population? Is it in the thousands, hundred thousands, millions, etc...
6. Not a question just wanted to say thanks for creating Young Justice, best animated show of all time!

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Mark writes...

1. Do the League of Shadows masks with three dots on one side one on the other have any functions depending on what eye it is on? If not they still look really cool.
2. Is Ra's Al Ghul's name actually his or is it just a title?
3. Is League of Shadows also known as the League of Assassins on Earth 16?
4. When was the League of Shadows formed on Earth 16?

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M. writes...

Hi Greg! I've been loving s3 so far, especially "Exceptional Human Beings". I noticed that there's something off with Jade in that episode, but I guess I'll have to wait and see what's gonna happen in the second half of the season. Anyway, I just wanted to know:
1) After Jade helped Will to find Roy, and did other good things for her sister (like helping her with the intel) and him, Do you think Cheshire should be considered an anti-hero instead of villain?
2) Did she give Will the idea to start a company or help him in any way?

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Kid_Argentum writes...

Hey Greg! I was wondering what is up with Mento's accent/speech impediment? Is this just the way he talks or is there something else to it?

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