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Anonymous writes...

If motherboxes have souls then does Red Tornado have a soul as well?

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Thomas writes...

How common are demigods like Cassie S on Earth 16? Are they rarer than Metahumans, or common enough that you could get practice for a potential Rick Riordan animated series with them (I.E, enough for books of them). Do they come in non-Greek flavors?

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John writes...

Vapor lock on the team in young justice

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John writes...

Natasha iron should get superpower to join the team

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Keith writes...

Could we have a green lantern protege on the team

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James writes...

1. Is's Vandal's Savage name, a translation from his old language or one he chose himself? Does he have a true name to refer to himself? It must be exhausting being known by so many names over the years?
2. When Savage was talking to Lex Luthor about leaguers who could of stopped the Starro invasion why didn't he mention Dr. Fate as an option?
3. Has Vandal Savage aged ever since he touched the meteorite even if it is incrementally?
4. Do the Justice League know that he is immortal or anything about his past?

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Iluvendure writes...

We know that Children of Oberon and humans can have children among them (Fox is the greatest example), while gargoyles and humans can not reproduce:
1. My question is this: Could a Gargoyle and a Children of Oberon together conceive a child in a supposed relationship?... after all the living nature of the "fairies" is strange

Thank you very much and forgive the inconvenience

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Steve writes...

Can the other marvel make an appearance

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jonah writes...

Can the team have a green lantern protege join the team

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Umer writes...

Hi Greg,
Huge fan of Young Justice here and love everything that you guys have done. Watching Evolution has raised a couple of questions in my mind that I hope you can clarify.
1. Is Vandal Savage's daughter Ishtar the same "being" as the goddess worshiped in Mesopotamia or was she a human just named after the goddess?
2. If she was indeed worshiped (or became part of the Mesopotamian myths), is it safe to assume that on Earth-16 the other gods in the Mesopotamian pantheon are just metas/influential humans?
3. If the above is true for the Mesopotamian pantheon, does it also apply to the other pantheons on Earth (like the Greek one)?
Really hope we get to see the Themyscira of Earth-16 someday. Keep up the great work! can't wait for the second half of the season!

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