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Tripwire writes...

Is it a running gag to kill of Wally West in every show he appears in? lol Was his character created just to die?

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Zachary writes...

I know you probably get a lot of W.I.T.C.H. questions but as a fan of the show since I was a kid watching it on Jetix I have to ask were there any plans for a third season of the show before it got canned.

I know I heard somewhere a main storyline in the third season would've been about the girls' friends and families discovering their secrets and it would continue being a lot more darker in tone. I would love to at least hear some of what would have gone down.

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anonymous x writes...

Just a clarification: You responded on November 27, 2012 to a question in which you indicated Joker had indeed been Red Hood and 'transformed' ten years before season one, and yet in response to a similar question in 2016 waved the notion of him having even been the Red Hood away as "facts not in evidence". Could you clarify then which it is if thats ok? Thanks!

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Amanda Mudrey writes...

I watched your shows over the years and I notice how you seem to make your characters racially diverse. Do you have some kind of agenda when you do this?

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FallenLegend writes...

Just some questions about Superman

1.- How close is he to Captain Marvel?

We know he tried to get to him because he thought he might be a kryptonian. But now that, that is settled, did he lose interest in Billy?

Thanks Greg!

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FallenLegend writes...

Hey greg It saddens me the fact that you will only read this in lik 3 years. I guess this will be a time capsule of sorts. But I jus wanted to take the time and state my admiration of your writting.

I honestly believe you're a very underrated writter. Yes you've been head of many shows.

But I think, big studios haven't fully apreciated your talents.

For example, how Dc comics ia losing big time by not hiring you as lead of their cinematic universe. People love the MCU, but I think that your tv shows have better writting than anything marvel has ever done on cinema.

If I were a big sstudio executive I would have you as lead writer of my franchise or movie universe and not just as freelancer you hire now and then. They would be earning millions.

I played fate go, the mobile game, and Nasu reminded me a lot of you in writing style (except he likes fanservice a lot more). Shakespeare is even playable in that game!

Probably the biggest think that is holding you back is the fact that you, unlike masu, don't own those franchises (hopefully rain will be your big success).

You changed the way I view stories, and taught me a lot by reading your answers and watching your shows.

I just want to thank you for sharing your talent with all of us. Thank you.

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Kevin writes...

1. When did Batwoman become a super-heroine on Earth 16?
2. When did Katana become a super-heroine on Earth 16?
3. When did Metomorpho became a super-hero on Earth 16?
4. When did Hardware become a super-hero on Earth 16?
5. When did Ice become a super-heroine on Earth 16?

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FallenLegend writes...

Some questions about Mary Batson!

1.-You've mentioned the concept of"core truth of several characters and even wrote one for nightwing.

To clarify: Not asking for the spoiler of how you will depict her. Just the core truth that would remain even outside earth 16.

I'm a huge fan of your work and I would love to read your take on her.

2.- Do you think that she has the potential to be as popular as supegirl?

You've mentioned before you want to do justice to Supergirl, but Mary I think is very underated.(even though Billy getting more popular has helped her too)

3.- Did you avoid the name "mary marvel" to avoid the obvious drawback of her hero name giving away her secret identity?

4.-Is she empowered by the classic 6 female goddess? or the same 6 gods that empower Billy?


I personally love her in part because she was one the first strong superheores around. She was created in the 40s and in her first appearnce she rescued the two male leads And got to be her own hero. She even had her own comic!

While supergirl was thrown to an orphanage and prohibited to user her powers, or show up at all in public, by superman. Even inviisble woman, and Jean grey were glorified damsels in distress in their first appeareances.

I think she might also be the first example of a magical girl, in the japanese sailor moon sense.

she was one of the first magical girls in the japanese sense (she predates sailor moon) if you consider how she can :

a)transform to use powers via magic
b)Even had a talking mascot (twany)
c)Uses powers to fight evil

Now with a good writer like you, this makes me exited to see your depiction of her!

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FallenLegend writes...

Hey greg I have a question for Young Justice.

1.- How did you resist temptation of using A-listers?

Say, you could've easily used very popular character like Supergirl or Starfire since season 1. Same for villains. You could've just used Deathstroke instead of sportsmaster.

But instead you decided to make obscure characters (for tv fans), like Halo, and Miss Martian (whom is also going to be part of a dcau movie in no small part thanks to you guys making her popular) more well known.

Halo is a prime example. She was A C-lister. Now a lot of people love her.

Still I think the temptation to use material that is already A-material, instead of making it A-material is there.

2.-How do you resist the temptation of making heroes super powerful.

This is something I've defended you a lot, as a lot of fans think you're disrespectful for not making their favorite hero superpowerful.

I think it's brilliant how you Make your villains more competent than most creators. Even in comics it seems like a comptetion on who can make the most Over Powered character for comic fans to fight.

Superman (in current comic canon) can still lift the weight of the planet and survive in the sun. Yours couldn't even break the walls of Belle Reve (as Waller said)

Wonder Woman in a comic is the goddess of truth and even has bulletproof skin in injustice.

Flash can beat instant teleportation

And so on...

If Anything, I think the only ones that get more powerful in your shows are the villains.

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Some body wants told me the world was gonna roll me I am I’m n writes...

Where did my life go wrong? Anyway, I hope whoever is reading this has a good day, btw HI REDDIT ðŸ'‹

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